Burra Caravan Park

The Burra Caravan and Camping Park is ideally situated on the banks of the attractive Burra Creek and just 2 minutes walk from the town.

Your hosts, Anne and Wayne, will endeavour to make your visit an enjoyable and memorable one during your time in this heritage town.

The Park Office is open from 7

30am to 8.30pm. Please check in at the Office on your arrival.


12 Bridge Terrace
Burra SA 5417
Tel/Fax (08) 8892 2442
Email : burracaravanpark@bigpond.com
Park Facilities

  • Camp Kitchen
  • Fully modernised ablution block
  • Baby bath in ladies
  • Laundry with washing machines and driers (coin operated)
  • BBQs
  • Ice available at the Park office
  • WIFI (Fee)
  • Dump Point
Site Fees (as at 1 November 2012)

(All fees are to be paid in advance)

  • Powered Site (2 persons) - $25.00
  • Unpowered Site (2 persons) - $20.00
  • Extra Person - $8.00
  • Key Deposit - $5.00
  • Booking Deposit - $25
    00 per site per night
  • Non-patron Waste Dump ('Dump Ezy') Fee - $10.00
  • Non-patron Shower Fee - $8.00

Dogs are allowed, at the Managers' discretion, and must be properly restrained and in their owner's control at all times and kept indoors at night time.

Sites must be vacated by 10.00am on the day of departure

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