Burra Heritage Passport

When you go to Burra, discover and explore the historic township of Burra with the Burra Heritage Passport. Burra's unique Heritage Passport allows the visitor access to eight locked sites: Powder Magazine: Explosives used at the mine site were stored here, Police Lockup and Stables,  Hampton, Smelts Paddock, Malowen Lowarth, Monster Mine area, Redruth Gaol, the underground Unicorn Brewery cellars and the Dugouts.

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The Passport also includes free entry to Burra's museums during opening times.

You'll have a step-by-step guidebook helping you to discover the heritage trail at your leisure. The 11 kilometre heritage trail has been clearly marked out around the town, with 49 sites along its route.

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Available seven days a week from the Burra Visitor Centre.

You are entitled to keep the passport key for the duration of your stay in Burra, so take your time, enjoy the sites as many times as you like, and learn about our wonderful past.

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