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A shedding dog is a very normal phenomenon on any dog and let us be assured that even though the dog is shedding its hair, it is perfectly healthy. However, if the dog's hair is shed too much and its skin is peeling off, this is not a normal physiological problem. So let's unveil the shorthair information we need to know
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT THE CATCH <<< Newborn dog full stomach do? What is shave blood for dogs? Should I? How do dog yellow hair whiten? Disclose what is the most fearful dog smell? When will dogs change their fur? For those who already own a puppy, they know that there will be a period of time each year your dogs will go into a new phase of shedding and shedding. There will be 3 basic stages during the moult period, namely: Stage 1: the new stage of birth. This is the period when the dog grows fluff, also known as blood hair

. Only a few days after birth, we can observe this hair loss. Stage 2: The period of growing and finishing hairs is getting thicker and thicker. Stage 3: molting phase
The mating period of dogs usually takes place from the time when the dog is over 4 months old and the puppies will be more noticeable than the male dogs

Shedding is a natural phenomenon that any dog will encounter in life.
So how long does a dog moult?
This answer completely depends on the health of your dog. If the "boss" the healthier, eating enough nutrients, the process of dog shedding will occur faster than the dog health and malnutrition and the amount of hair loss per spell also says Get the current health status of the "boss".
From 4 months of age is the period of molting and every 3 to 4 months your dog will shed once.
Dog with multiple hair loss do?
Dog physiological shedding is very normal and you absolutely do not need to worry. However, dogs with a lot of hair loss along with flaky patches causing itching and discomfort are likely to "boss" your home is having some health problem.
Let's find out the reason why dogs shed their hair and shed a lot before giving the appropriate solution
There are many causes of dog hair loss

Cause dog abnormal hair loss
First, dogs suffer a lot of hair loss due to a diet deficient in important nutrients and vitamins
This is the most common cause of hair loss more than normal in dogs

. If we suffer from hair loss due to a poor diet, the same goes for dogs, if the daily diet is deficient in vitamins A, B and zinc, it will lead to a lot of dog hair loss.
Besides hair loss, when the body lacks vitamins, the dog's health also declines, eyesight is poor or anorexia and is no longer agile. So, in addition to using dry foods as recommended by veterinarians, we need to add fresh foods and vegetables daily to the dog's diet.
Lack of substance is often the main reason why dogs lose their hair but few people pay attention.
Secondly, dogs shed a lot of hair due to bacteria and fungi
The climate of our country is hot and humid, so the development of fungi or parasites is unavoidable. Fungi or parasites, dog ticks also make hair loss and period of dog molting more severe, longer than the normal cycle.
And when dogs suffer from fungal or parasitic diseases, their skin is often damaged and loses large hairs instead of shedding their fibers as usual. So if your dog has this condition, it is necessary to bring it to the veterinary hospital for timely examination and treatment

If your dog has a fungal or sensitive skin, you should seek medical attention to find an appropriate treatment.
Thirdly, dogs shed their hair and shed a lot due to improper care and hygiene.
Dog cages and dog accommodation are not clean and do not bathe your dog regularly, which is also one of the reasons why dogs shed a lot and dogs shed their hair many times a year. Sometimes the use of dog shampoos for dogs is also one of the reasons that make hair loss in dogs worse because in our shampoo has not quite a high pH.
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Dog shed much fur do?
If you know the reason why dogs shed their hair many times and abnormal hair loss, in addition to cleaning the shed, bathing the dog more often, we should pay attention and increase the number of times the dog is groomed. This phase to avoid causing unsanitary and does not affect human health.
The time for grooming your dog should be 1 to 2 times a day and if your "boss" is thick, the number of strokes takes more than just to help the dog untangle and to remove some of the dirt on the dog's fur.
Regular grooming will help remove broken hair from the dog's body

Besides, we need to supplement foods that contain lots of vitamins to stimulate.

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