All Disabilities Of Scabies In Cats

Scabies in cats, a disease caused by the Notoedres Cati parasite. Some common manifestations of cats when they are affected are skin itching, irritation and redness. The disease is very contagious and affects the health of pets, so it needs to be cured quickly so that cats recover early, limiting the infection to other animals and humans.
What is scabies in cats?
Scabies in cats, also known as Notoedres Mange, is caused by the infestation of ticks known scientifically as Notoedres Cati, which parasitizes on the skin of cats and causes phenomena such as itching, flaking and flaking shed…
If left untreated, scabies spreads throughout the cat's body, making it more dangerous to infect yourself and your family.
A close up of the parasite that causes scabies in cats

Notoedres Mange features intense itching manifestations on the surface of the skin, especially around the head, ears and neck. For cats who often live outdoors, the risk of this disease is quite high, especially in hot climates.
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Signs of scabies in cats
The hallmark of cats is that their behavior changes, causing uncomfortable itching
Areas where the cat scratches will develop small, red bumps

. Over time, the affected skin becomes thicker and more wrinkled. These symptoms are considered to be the result of an allergic reaction to the tick itself.
If this disease is not treated early, it will spread gradually throughout the rest of the body. The fur of the cat may become fuzzy, an ulcer will appear on the front paws, the itching will also increase and make the cat feel very uncomfortable.
Scabies always makes cats itchy and uncomfortable.
Some of the typical symptoms commonly seen when cats are infected are:
Scales or sores around the head, ears and neck
Scales spread to abdomen, feet or tail
Candles for a long time, cats will appear intense itching
Skin becomes thicker and more yellow
Enlarged lymph nodes
The hairs become shed
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The cause of scabies in cats
Notoedres mange, caused by mite Notoedres cati bacteria. Your cat is infected with these bacteria through outdoor activities, or by contact with other infected animals

These microscopic bacteria cling to cat skin, after mating, the female burrows under the skin and lays eggs

. Eggs will hatch within 3 to 4 days. It takes at least 20 days for the ticks to reach adulthood and can be harmful to cats.
Most scabies in cats are caused by parasites that live on their skin.
Cats of any age are at increased risk for scabies, but kittens are at higher risk, which are very easily spread from cats to dogs or humans.
Within 1 month of being infected, it is very difficult for you to recognize because they have not showed any significant symptoms.
Methods of treating scabies in cats
The treatment for scabies usually depends on the level of infection and the specific situation in the cat. Can use special shampoos, conditioners, flea prevention drugs to treat the first time onset of illness.
In situations where your cat is already severe, you need to use stronger doses of medication to treat her

Depending on the condition of the cat, there will be different treatments. But most importantly, sick cats need to be cleaned.
Bravecto® is a fairly effective cat scab remedy currently used to kill flea bites and is quite effective against Notoedres Cati ticks. This should be used regularly and regularly to treat cat disease effectively.
Revolution® is designed to control fleas, heartworms and intestinal parasites, effectively works with Notoedres cati, helping to control fleas and prevent disease.
Revolution is a product trusted by many veterinarians.
Ivermectin, which is often used as an injection, is one of the first treatments used against Notoedres cati, and should be used regularly and regularly to improve the cat's condition.
In addition, you can also use lime and sulfur to control infections in cats

. However, this method has a rather unpleasant odor, and it is very easy to lose the fur of the cat, you can consider choosing the treatment that is suitable for your cat.
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How to prevent scabies in cats
One way to prevent scabies is to avoid exposing your cat to infected animals, limiting them to outdoor activities.
When cats show signs of illness, separate them from the infected environment. Completely clean items like sheets, dishes, toys, as this parasite can hide in them and spread to other animals if you do not kill them soon.
If you have a flock of cats, separate the sick cat from the flock to prevent the disease from spreading to other individuals.
In the case of a newly discovered cat pedestal.

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