Anorexic Dog: 16 Tips To Stimulate Appetite From The Us Doctor

Anorexia dogs are a very common condition. You are raising a picky dog and have a headache because you do not know what to feed your baby? Have you ever opened a bag or box of food, thought your pet would be extremely excited, but they just turned their butt away?
This is a problem that dog owners often encounter. Some dogs are very greedy and will eat anything, while others are quite picky about what they load into their bodies. This article will help you choose the best foods for anorexic dogs.
One of the reasons for anorexia is that the dog eats too much of a particular food, making him feel bored and bored

. To be able to change your baby's eating habits, you can change the taste, taste of the food. This is a way to help your dog feel that each meal will be more delicious and attractive.
One of the ways to change your food menu is to rely on pate
Currently, you can easily find pate for dogs with many flavors and different types of meat, fish, seafood

. Pate mixed with dry food for dogs or rice is a way to help your baby feel the meal becomes more delicious.
Delicious - Many flavors
Why do dogs not eat?
Is feeding a duck egg good? How to identify a smart dog simple
Dog with bad breath must do? Should dogs eat raw meat?
Dogs are picky eaters because they are fastidious or have health problems. The most important thing you need to do is make sure your pet is healthy and has no pathological symptoms. Anorexia, decreased cravings, or not eating food every day, but just enjoying biscuits are a common sign when your dog is unwell.
Eating lazy dogs is a concern of many owners.
Before you think that your pet is picky eaters - consider some of the following signs to check your dog's health.
New and unusual behavior: Has your dog recently been picky or has they been like this for a long time? If the condition is new, it is best to tell your veterinarian about the problem of the underlying disease

Bad breath: If your dog has bad breath, they may be having dental problems, gum disease, mouth ulcers or other dental - jaw - other problems

Vomiting or diarrhea: Does your dog vomit or have loose stools? Is there any mucus or blood in it?
Increase weight loss: Do your dogs gain or lose weight? Weigh them up to know.
Changes in drinking and urination habits: Has there been any change in the amount of water the dog has in and discharged? Some dogs with underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes or kidney problems, can clearly see their water changes.
Cough: Do you see dogs coughing? Or shortness of breath? Or not exercise? Heart and lung disease can also cause anorexia.
Itching: Does your dog have itchy or rash skin, rash or hair loss?
Trouble walking: Do you see signs of difficulty in dog movement? Especially when walking up and down stairs? Or lying down, it is difficult to stand up?
These signs not only warn the dog's health, but also cause dogs to be lazy to eat because they feel that eating is no longer comfortable and delicious. In this case, you should seek medical attention to prevent the baby's body from responding to the disease worse.
If your dog refuses to eat regularly, you should take him to the veterinary center to be checked.
What to do when dogs anorexia due to pathology?
The safest thing to do when your dog shows signs of refusing to eat is to see a vet. Doctors can perform clinical tests as well as biochemical tests to see the extent of the disease as well as find the cause of the disease in anorexic dogs

This is the best thing you should do, especially, the clinical examination will help your doctor detect potential diseases such as bladder stones, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, lung cancer, anemia, liver disease. , a broken tooth, severe arthritis or other symptoms that are life threatening for your dog.
How to treat dogs not to eat with psychology.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT THE CATCH <<< Why shouldn't the dog drink plenty of water? Poodle dog food handbook How to treat poodle with silver fur? How to whiten fur for yellowing Some dogs are anorexic or lazy to eat due to the influence of psychology. They want you to be close, talk or interact while your dog eats. So, you might notice that the dog's anorexic sign is wanting to draw attention to you. For example, how often do you feed your dog? When your dog refuses to eat anything you give, are you irritable? In addition, you can also apply some psychological measures as whispering to them? Cuddling a dog around? Use your hand to feed the dog? A dog that will not eat for a long time will affect the emotion and psychology of your dog Some puppies that have a habit of being close to the owner will want you to sit next to or cuddle and talk while they are eating. One suggestion for anorexic dogs is to not let them feed when the attention is on them

. Pay attention to your dog's other things, such as when you play with them. Some behavioral psychologists recommend.

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