Anorexic Puppies: 5 General Steps For Treating Picky Eaters In Dogs

Raising a picky dog can be a pretty dangerous situation. Puppies younger than three months old and especially small dogs tend to suffer from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) when the dog refuses to eat and drink properly.
Here are 5 steps to take if your dog refuses to eat:
Help your dog eat better.
Step 1: Go find the cause of the dog refuses to eat and refuses to eat
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The first thing to do is try to figure out why the puppy is anorexic. There are very small, but unimportant, reasons that are not subjective to other life-threatening reasons

Lazy eating is a common occurrence in dogs, especially puppies.
The following are some causes of a dog's refusal to eat:
Dogs are lazy to eat because there are parasites in the digestive tract (helminths); for example, roundworms, hookworms, hair worms
Common infections caused by strains of parvo and coro virus
Intestinal infection such as coccidiosis or Giardia infection
Picky dogs are influenced by infectious bacteria
Eating and drinking must be toxic
Dogs are lazy to eat because of stomach damage from changing diets
Rummage through the trash and eat broken food
Lazy dogs eat due to the ingestion of foreign objects (e.g
undigested items such as socks, toys or underwear)
Birth defects, such as hepatitis shunt or congenital heart disease, as well as other medical conditions that affect the function of organs in the body
Step 2: Assess the health condition when the puppy is anorexic
>>> LEARN MORE: TOP OF ARTICLES OR SOME OF THE OLD <<< How do dog hair get yellowed? Does your dog drink too much water? How to get rid of gray fur Poodle How to measure the temperature of the dog properly In addition to being anorexic, puppies must be looked after puppies if they show signs of these conditions

. Pay attention to the underlying causes of your dog's picky eating habits and monitor your dog for any unusual symptoms.
Be especially careful if your dog has the following conditions:
Vomiting and / or diarrhea
Worms in the stool
There are fleas or ticks
Shivering, body twitching
Lame step
Signs of pain or discomfort
Cough or difficulty breathing
Pale gums
Step 3: Find the right medical care method
When puppies get sick, things can get worse very quickly. Don't wait too long to find ways to make your dog eat normally again. When you see the dog with the above symptoms, must see a veterinarian immediately.
If your puppy refuses to eat for a long time, take him to the doctor for a checkup.
Your veterinarian may ask about your dog's exposure to waste or toxins, the process of deworming, the course of vaccination, or other symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea. They will check your dog's temperature, blood glucose level, stool test as well as other physical examinations based on the dog's condition and clinical signs

Step 4: Methods to support anorexic puppies
Here are some good ways to support lazy dogs:
Give your dog what they eat

. If the dog refuses to eat, go to the next step.
Wet their regular food with water or chicken water. Sometimes this can make food more appealing.
Buy a variety of canned foods to stimulate your dog's taste buds. The best way to do this is to add some canned foods to your regular food and hope they will eat it. Canned food is very delicious and has the added benefit of having a high amount of water to help moisturize the body.
Pate canned is very popular with dogs because of its aroma and delicious taste.
Feed your dog a healthy diet like a hamburger combo with rice

Feed your baby food such as chicken-flavored foods.
Put the food in the syringe. When mixed with water, baby food or canned food can easily be put into the tube and fed easily. Occasionally feeding them in small amounts will encourage them to eat more. Make sure your dog has a normal chewing reflex to avoid swallowing food immediately.
Only feed a small amount of food for a certain amount of time to ensure the dog is cured and does not induce vomiting.
Food-borne illness, encourage your dog to drink more water. We have some suggestions as follows:
Add some ice cubes to the puppy's water bowl
Allow the dog to lick water from your hands and fingers
Use a small amount of Pedialyte solution, which helps to provide electrolytes, to prevent your dog from losing too much water

Chicken water mixed with some salt
Being lazy to eat puppies always causes many owners with headaches.
If you try the above and the dog is still picky, the best and safest way is still to the vet. If your pet seems weaker, unstable, and exhibits seizures, this is an emergency. These may be signs of hypoglycemia. Call the veterinarian immediately or contact the nearest medical facility. To raise blood sugar, rub Karo syrup into your dog's gums.
Step 5: Things to avoid when anorexic
If you already know why dogs.

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