Are Dogs With Rashes Dangerous? Treatment Like?

Dog rashes are a common dermatological condition among dogs. The rash is actually not a very dangerous disease, however, if we let everything go on, the consequences will be very serious for dog health as well as for humans. Therefore, in order to protect the "lovely and ecstatic beauty" of dogs, as a owner, you should equip yourself with basic knowledge about the origin of the disease and how to treat the the dog has a rash. A bright future is waiting for us.
What should a dog eat rash for?
There are many reasons why a dog may have a red rash

. However, one of the main reasons is that the baby's skin has weak resistance, making the virus easy to penetrate and cause disease on the skin and hair. In addition to external treatment, you can also support your baby with foods that help strengthen the skin from the inside.
Through many studies, the dry food for dogs Dermacomfort of Royal Canin has been proven to be suitable for puppies with weak, allergic, and sensitive skin
Food will help your baby's skin be healthier, which is accompanied by increased skin resistance and helps the baby's body fight off the bacteria that cause dermatitis or redness

Food for Allergic Skin
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These dog positions are often rash and cause
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A common cause of dog rash on the body
Often we think that the skin is a very healthy part, as a solid barrier can protect internal organs from harmful agents outside the environment. But no, the truth is the exact opposite, our skin and especially the skin of pet friends, are especially sensitive to changes in the external environment as well as the hormones inside. Sensitivity is shown when we see a dog with a rash on the abdomen, in the ears or on the skin, and they are often caused by the following pathogens:
Exogenous parasite on skin
Exotic parasites on the skin are often the most annoying species to your dog. Organisms such as flea bites and parasites on the skin will bite into the dog's skin, gradually absorbing the nutrients on the host's body, causing the body to become anemic and more tired. In addition to making the skin rash, they can lead to skin, yeast or fungal infections if the irritation from the saliva of parasitic ticks is too strong. These parasites are often the main cause of dog rash in the abdomen.
In the case of a rash on the abdomen, you need to quickly take your baby to the veterinary center for timely treatment support; Avoid worsening of rash in the dog and spread to other parts of the body

Moreover, most of us are aware of dog bumps, a dangerous skin disease that can be fatal

. This is an atopic dermatitis caused by a bacterium called Demodex Canis. Demodex is an insect that lives on hair follicles and sebaceous glands on dogs' skin. When these insects multiply and grow, they can significantly weaken the dog's immune system.
Not only that, but when the rash becomes very itchy, they will try to scratch a lot and rub their bodies down on rough surfaces to help relieve discomfort. If they continue to do so, it is likely that dogs will have more severe dermatitis, leading to high fever, in addition, tetanus and blood infections are completely possible.
Demodex Dermatitis causes hair loss in many areas of the body, but the first and most noticeable part of hair loss is the eye. When the fur around the eye area begins to fall and grow, the redness caused by the skin gradually weakens, it seems that the dog has a rash in the eye, that is the time to tell us that their skin are in critical condition, should be examined and treated as soon as possible.
In addition to Demodex dermatitis, a rash is also usually caused by a scabies of Sarcoptes bites

. For these insects, your dog's skin and fur is an ideal habitat for them to grow, have a happy family and have children there. Scabies lice pass, toxins leave.
On the skin of the dog will appear painful bites and red bumps reaction of infection. Scraps of skin that are scratched or bleed when dry will become scaly, causing an aesthetic loss for your dog. Not only that, when it is time to give birth, the female louse will burrow into the puppy's skin and lay eggs there. This will cause strong skin damage, in addition to redness can also cause pus on the skin.
Allergies are also one of the reasons dogs get a rash.
When they play on the ground, their skin may unknowingly come into contact with certain chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, detergents, or plants that contain toxins such as ivy

. It is these toxic active ingredients that irritate the skin of dogs that cause itching and sometimes infection.
Allergy th.

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