Are You Ready To Have A Dog?

Raising a dog is a lot of fun, but it is equally hard. Puppies need to be provided with essentials for their lives such as love, perseverance from the owner that no other person can not. Therefore, there are several things owners should consider before bringing the dog home.
If you are going to raise a dog, ask yourself if you have a lot of time for them.
Raising dogs takes a lot of time
Before you think of what kind of dog you want to keep, should you buy a puppy or adopt a dog, you have to see if you have enough time to keep them

. The first week of living in a new environment is an extremely important period of dog life. That's when they begin to get used to their new life and learn, develop their habits and behaviors. So at this early stage you need a lot of time to guide and train the dog

Raising dogs takes a lot of time to care for and play indiscriminately

Some time-consuming things that puppies desperately need:
Train your dog to the toilet in the right way, in the right place
Introducing dogs, helping dogs get along with humans and other animals
Exercise daily
Feed your dog an appropriate diet
In addition, when you adopt a dog, you will have to spend a decent amount of money to give the dog what is needed for dog life. The cost of buying a dog is only a part, the latter costs such as the purchase of supplies, food or medical examination may be out of control so you should also pay attention. It is important that you plan your expenses to prepare for future expenses for your dog.
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Do people around you agree to have a dog?
If you live alone, you may be more comfortable raising a dog. But if you're with family or other people, talk to them before you plan to raise a dog. Because dogs not only interact with you but also with the people you live with. Raising dogs can cause a lot of problems
For example, dogs can gnaw, tear, pee indiscriminately, not only in your own place, but in other people's places as well

. Some easygoing people will let you own a dog, but for those who are fastidious, this is unlikely.
Raising dogs helps you to be comfortable and happy.
Or if you live with someone who is allergic to dogs, you should consider. But do not be sad, because there are some dog breeds that are not hypoallergenic to humans, so you may want to consider keeping them. See also: Dog breeds that do not cause allergies when raised
But be careful! When you bring your dog home to raise it, over time the dog can take your place in your parents' lap! On social media, there are many laughing and crying stories that parents at first insist on not letting their children own pets - but after a short time they seem to love them more than their own children. yourself. But that proves that the cute dog can touch every soul no matter how hard it is. So persevere in the dog-raising business with the people who live with you!
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Consider whether living space is convenient to raise dogs or not?
Not all places are ideal for dogs

. If you are renting a property, talk to your landlord about bringing your dog back. Some people who love animals may allow you to keep a dog, but some are quite picky so they will dismiss your wishes - just improvise to achieve your goals. .
Indoor space is also important when keeping a dog. Adorable round dogs like small cotton balls will grow faster than you think. And when they grow up, you need to make sure you have enough space both inside and out for your dog to live comfortably.
Dogs are active animals, so open space is also a consideration.
Not ready to have a dog? No problem, there is another option!
You are a dog lover but the conditions do not allow you to raise? Do not be too sad

. Think for a moment that you are still lucky because you do not need to take full responsibility for raising a dog. You can still take care of your dog and love him the other way. There are many pet relief organizations and centers that need help. You can volunteer to bathe your dog, take your dog for a walk or help in other ways such as rescuing dogs from dangerous places where they are trapped.
Another option for you is to be a "adoptive parent" for dogs that are waiting to be adopted. Temporary raising t.

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