Bad Breath: Cause & Treatment

Bad breath is one of the most common symptoms and also a common complaint by owners. This condition usually affects adults or older dogs, but puppies are also unavoidable! Below, we will summarize some of the causes, measures and recommendations of some products you can use to help your dog's breath get rid of the smell.
Why do dogs have bad breath?
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Here are eight possible causes of bad breath:
Digesting stinking things. Dogs use their mouth to explore the world and can chew on / or digest what they see. This is especially true for puppy teeth that are aged between 8 weeks and 6 months

. Puppies can eat on stinky or sometimes smelly things leading to bad breath. For example, dead animals are found in playgrounds, straw, faeces, garbage or spoiled food.
Digestive foreign bodies
Puppies can eat undigested food

. These can get stuck in the stomach and intestines, causing bad breath.
Pus tooth. Pus in the teeth is around the teeth appear infection. Although quite rare in puppies, puppies of any age can develop cavities. In addition, the change of a dog's teeth will cause uncomfortable breathing for the dog if not handled promptly.
Mouth ulcers and infections. Dogs will get mouth ulcers if they eat or lick toxic materials
Because puppies are curious, they are often exposed to chemicals that can lead to mouth ulcers and infections

. Toxic substances that dogs can lick or chew must include cleaning chemicals, soap or detergents, detergent or dishwashing containers, and potpourri water. These make the dog's mouth become infected. The other reason for this situation is the open wounds caused by fighting. That's because some dogs are bitten inside and around their mouths when fighting other animals.
Respiratory infections. Pneumonia and tracheitis infection can cause bad breath. Can be easily recognized when the dog is breathing (exhaling) or coughing.
Problems with the bones

. Puppies are said to break and splinters can cause oral tissue injuries. Bone fragments can get stuck in the gums or around the teeth and chin. This damages the tissue, causing infections and bad breath.
Digestive issues. A few puppies with digestive problems are also the cause. Giving your dog quality, easy-to-digest food and especially according to the formula will help the digestive system work better and prevent odor. In addition, if the dog is infected with a worm, a veterinarian must prescribe treatment.
Other causes

. There are other factors that cause bad breath but not usually in dogs but in older dogs. These include conditions like periodontal disease, maxillofacial tumors, lung cancer, kidney disease, and uncontrolled diabetes (diabetic ketoacidosis). Some owners even describe their dog's breath as if they were chewing a rotten fish.
If you suspect that your dog may have some of the above symptoms, do not eat, or vomit, slow, dry cough, or have a wound around his mouth, see a vet immediately. Your doctor will help you consider the unusual cause of bad breath
>>> READ MORE: TOP BEST ARTICLES ABOUT DOGS <<< Are dogs with rashes dangerous? Poodle has graying hair: Cause & Treatment Do puppies sleep a lot? Simple way to measure dog temperature How to handle dogs with bad breath Here are some tips to make your dog smell better: Brushing: The best thing you can do to improve odor is brushing your dog's teeth. Consider brushing your teeth is a positive habit. Buy from a veterinarian a specialized brush and toothpaste that fits your dog. Start slowly rubbing your teeth and gums gently and reward them for obedient brushing

Safe gnaw toys: Make sure your puppy does not swallow all types of gnaw toys. Some puppies will chew or eat toys that pose a life-threatening risk from a stomach or intestinal obstruction. Make sure all toys are suitable for the size of the dog so that the dog does not choke.
Herbs: Herbs are a natural way to help reduce bad breath. You can add ½ teaspoon of fresh mint, parsley, or cilantro in your puppy's food or naturally give your herb herb a treat. You can also make "tea" in your puppy's drinking water.
Water: Give your dog a drink of clean water daily. Use a mildew cleaner to clean the water bowl weekly to kill bacteria

Choose your dog food carefully: Give him a nutritious food according to the formula. Make sure the food is not overdue. Wrap the opened bag or store it in an airtight container. And must wash the food container often.
Bad breath is a common condition in dogs, so don't be alarmed if your dog has one. Instead, calmly find the cause and appropriate treatment to keep the dog's mouth smelling sweet when he is near you.
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