Booths For Transporting Dogs: Which Kind To Buy To Fly Internationally?

An imported dog carrier is an essential means to help you bring your dog when traveling away. However, when you need to bring your dog to international flight, you need to choose the appropriate cage. The article suggests you how to buy a dog carriage so that you do not spend much time choosing and costly.
What is a dog shed?
Dog carriers are of special construction. Specially designed for carrying pets away

. Because it is a specialized cage, pets will be comfortable on the long journey and meet the requirements of the airlines.
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Criteria for buying an international carrier dog carrier
When deciding to take your pet along on a long trip, you should find out the airline's rules about carrying animals. Help you plan contingencies that may occur

Your pet carrier needs to meet the requirements of international customs

Once you have mastered the standards for bringing pets internationally. The next thing you need to buy a dog transporting cage that meets all the standards when flying. Specifically, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the IATA International Air Transport Association
Cage size must be suitable for pets. They must stand and sit.
The appropriate cage size is 30% larger than the animal size.
The body of the cage has windows to ensure good ventilation of the pet.
There straps with a safe distance

Screws used to fix the cage must be in the form of screws and screw to ensure safety

If your cage is longer than 60cm, there must be a minimum of two bolts on each side. Do not accept straps on cages to fix them.
There must be a pet food and beverage compartment in the cage.
The barn must be equipped with a safety lock system with firm latch locks.
A cage door is required for animals to come in and out.
The bottom of the cage is made of water-proof material and must have water-absorbing material in place of the pet.
The transporting cages must have a sanitary place and store pet food and water.
Calculation of cage size is as follows:
Length A: Starting from nose to tail base, B: Counting from the elbows to the ground

Width C: The width of the pet at its widest point (usually the shoulder blade).
Height D: Counting from the floor to the tip of the ear or head, the dog's ears must not touch the top of the kennel when standing upright.
The measurement is as follows: Length is A + 1/2 B, width is 2C, height is D.
What kind of dog carrier should buy?
On the market today there are many brands of cages dedicated to the trip. Designs and sizes are also very diverse, eye-catching. However, when boarding, only hard plastic and metal cages are acceptable.
You should choose the type of cage suitable for the size of the dog to help your baby feel comfortable.
With plastic cages, when choosing to buy, you should choose products made from high-grade pressed plastic such as imported PP, APS plastic because they do not contain toxic substances

. Absolutely do not choose products that use recycled materials and have lots of impurities.
There are also several types of wooden cages on the market. But you only buy a wooden pen when your pet weighs more than 80kg.
Procedures for bringing pets on board with a dog carrier
Step 1: Take along important documents such as visa, quarantine certificate, vaccination ... foam lined cage, food, water for pets.
Step 2: Book an early flight

. Currently, there are some airlines that allow animals to board in the passenger compartments with owners. However, your pet needs to meet some requirements such as: weighing less than 3.5kg, over 10 weeks of age, the type of ticket you have to book is a business ticket….
You should check with the airline to make sure your dog is brought on board.
In fact, there are some airlines that are relatively strict with passengers carrying pets. Ideally, you should book early and contact the customer service department of the airline for specific advice.
Step 3: Arrive at the airport early to check in and be instructed specifically for passengers with special luggage.
Note when bringing pets on the plane with a dog carrier
Pets with a foul odor will not be accepted on flights

. To prepare for a long journey. You should take good care of your pet beforehand such as eating and being well vaccinated.
You should note that on the day of travel, let the dog eat 2-3 hours early to ensure their health as well as not affecting the surrounding. If possible, wear a diaper and a dog mask.
You should feed your dog early to avoid hunger during transportation.
Airlines limit pet health paper within 24 hours before the flight takes off. So, please go to the veterinarian before the day of departure to be provided with vaccination records as well as pet health certificates.
When checking in at the airport you will be asked to sign a letter accepting all risks related to pets such as injuries or illness

. Have a paper with your name and contact number in case the lost pet will be able to get it back.
Always reassure your puppy to be c.

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