Breastfeeding Mothers: Signs And Treatments Thoroughly

Breastfeeding is a common problem in mothers who have just given birth. However, many owners who encounter this situation often do not know the proper treatment, leaving the cat to milk for too long will risk causing serious consequences for the mother.
Where is the mother's cat engorged?
A mother with engorged milk, also known as milky milk, appears at the time of birth. When the mammary gland produces too much milk, but kittens do not suck it, causing the milk gland to become blocked.
This will occur frequently during the care of the mother, when the cat's breast is large but the number of babies is only 1 or 2

Milking cats are a dangerous situation, which can affect the lives of pets.
Usually, the breastfeeding cycle of the mother cat is about 2 months. During this process, the milk glands will secrete continuously
If the amount of milk is not consumed, it will cause instant stress

If the breasts are engorged, if not resolved early, the mammary glands may become inflamed and abscess. This may affect fertility the next time. Besides, kittens also do not have enough nutrition to grow, become weak or have a high risk of death.
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Why does the mother cat have no milk?
Signs identify mothers are engorged
Usually a female cat has about 2 - 4 pairs of breasts, but when the mother is expressed breast milk will not be in all breasts but only in one random pair of breasts only. When encountering such cases, the owner can detect with the naked eye when observing, because the signs of milk clogging are quite clear and easily identifiable.
Observing a mother's breast is the easiest way to spot symptoms of engorgement.
The first thing that is most noticeable is that the skin of the mother's breast will turn red, the breast gland will swell
The mother cat will not let the kitten or her owner actively touch the blocked area

. When trying to express milk, the milk does not produce or flow in very small amounts.
Note when expressing milk, normal cat milk will be ivory white. If your cat's milk is made of a different color, such as the color of pus, or the red of blood, then your cat will have mastitis.
Inflammatory milk can also be identified by giving cat milk to the forefinger and thumb, extending the milk, if it is longer than 1cm, the likelihood of inflamed cat milk is very high.
✅ What milk does the cat drink?
How is breastmilk treated?
When the mother becomes engorged, you can completely treat yourself at home in the early stages. Gently massage the breasts, stimulating the milk to flow gently. But remember to clean your hands before doing it.
If your cat's breast is severely clogged with milk gland, you can not do anything, run to the pharmacy near the house to buy a few Alpha Choay pills

Choay medicine can ease the symptoms of engorgement in cats.
Of course, this is an antibiotic, reducing edema for humans, but the vet has confirmed it can be used for pets, so you can be assured.
Ideally, when the owner has cats in the reproductive period, should look for Mastometrin and available in the house.
This is a pet-specific drug, depending on its weight and age, there will be different doses, you can consult your veterinarian before buying. Mastometrin is a great support against infections, reproductive system infections and mammals for pets.
Mastometrin is a pharmaceutical product made in Russia.
If the udder is swollen, causing excessive heat, you can also use cold ice (clean ice in the fridge to drink water), put it in the bag, apply it gently on the breast and massage. This helps to cool the breast very much, reducing uncomfortable feeling and pain for the mother cat very effectively

For small cats about 2kg, 1 tablet of Alpha Choay can be used, divided into 2 halves for drinking in the morning and evening. After taking antibiotics for about 30 minutes, you can massage with ice. Prefer stiffer breast massage first.
The mother should be taken to the veterinary center to avoid getting worse.
If you still can't improve your cat's blocked milk, then take her immediately to see a doctor immediately. Do not hesitate, as the condition of milk blockage may have become a complication of mastitis. Mothers need to be separated for some time from kittens to avoid affecting the health of the herd.
Sữa What milk do kittens have for good resistance?
How to prevent mother's cats from being engorged
Although breast-feeding is a common occurrence, owners can prevent it in a variety of ways

. The first thing that all owners must pay attention to is keeping the environment clean and the cat body, especially the breasts.
Make sure, during the pre and postnatal period, that the mother cat is provided with the most essential nutrients. Nutrition will be an important "key", increasing the body's resistance, thereby limiting inflammation greatly if the mother encounters cases of congestion.
Pregnant cats are very susceptible to pregnancy, so owners need to pay attention to care.
Regularly swapping, alternately changing at m.

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