Brush Your Cat With 8 Interesting Facts

Brushing your cat's teeth is quite an interesting job. Keeping cats is not just a matter of feeding and playing with cats, but also the owner of the cat must be especially concerned about hygiene - especially their teeth. Sadly, however, a lot of people are subjective in this regard. This can lead to cat problems such as bad breath and periodontal disease. Therefore, hygiene for cats is something that should be done and done on a regular basis to maintain the fresh and healthy cat's mouth

. Below, will provide you with interesting information and how to clean teeth for cats.
8 interesting facts about cat teeth
Cat and human teeth have some similarities - Both humans and cats are hermaphrodites, which are animals that have two sets of teeth in succession - that is, the baby's teeth fall out and the adult teeth grow
However, the time for teething in cats differs from humans

. Cats are born without teeth and their teeth only begin to grow when the cat is about 2 weeks old. When the cat is 4 months old, the baby teeth begin to fall in favor of permanent teeth. The cat has 26 milk teeth and 30 permanent teeth; while humans have 20 milk teeth and 32 adult teeth.
The cat's teeth are characteristic of predators - As animals are obligated to eat meat to survive, the teeth of cats are very sharp and take on the task of tearing prey. Kittens' teeth are so jagged that they cannot be crushed as flat human teeth. In addition, the fangs have a furrow - they allow blood to flow through the teeth as the cat bites its prey.
Cat teeth have many characteristics of predators

The smallest teeth in a cat's mouth serve a different purpose - the front teeth are the small teeth in the middle of the canine teeth in front of the cat's mouth

. They do not act as a bait but rather to groom. Kittens also use front teeth to scratch and remove loose claws in their paws.
Cat teeth are not decayed because their surfaces are quite rough, so the bacteria that eat sugar cause tooth decay to stay attached and reproduce.
But cats can have periodontal disease, stomatitis, oral cancer and other types of dental disease.
Cats may have toothache, but it's probably hard for the owner to know - Cats are hiding their disease no matter how severe their illness is. That's why you and your veterinarian must closely monitor the cat's oral health. Signs of diseases that affect the mouth include drooling, red gums, changes in eating habits and bad breath.
If your cat's teeth are not thoroughly cleaned, they are more likely to have periodontal or weakly rooted teeth

Cats can lose teeth when they have dental problems, such as toothache. Some cats adjust to a smaller number of teeth but continue to eat and drink as usual (even eating more). For cats, no toothache is more important than having a mouth full of teeth but pain throughout the day.
To protect your cat's oral health, you need to brush your teeth and give your cat regular dental visits - It is important that you ask your veterinarian for an oral examination of your cat during visits. If your doctor thinks that your cat needs a closer examination, your cat may need dental X-rays or teeth cleaning after anesthesia. In addition, you need to brush your cat's teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth will remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar that can cause dental problems.
How to brush your cat properly
Brushing your cat's teeth needs perseverance because cats will not immediately sit still for you to rub in their mouths

. Begin to get your cat accustomed to rubbing his cat's face and gums every day. Start making these habits for cats when they are small.
Caress the top of the head, forehead, cheeks, and around the cat's mouth every day. Make cats understand so they don't feel scared or upset. You should use a finger-type brush, designed specifically for brushing pets. See also: Cheap finger brushes
Then start moving your finger around the cat's mouth. Start with a finger, then gradually switch to the finger containing toothpaste and finally a real toothbrush. You can't brush your cat's teeth right away because it makes him uncomfortable and frightened

When brushing your cat's teeth, you should be gentle to avoid scratching the surrounding gums.
Extract a small amount of toothpaste (preferably one with a natural, salmon-flavored ingredient) on your brushed finger, and gently apply it to the cat's molars. The back teeth are where the most plaque accumulate, so you need to pay attention.
When the process is done smoothly, you can switch to premolars, canines and incisors. The goal is for cats to get used to the toothpaste and the fingers in their mouths.
Once your cat has gotten used to it, you can move on to the next step. Rub your fingers to remove plaque and leftovers from your cat's mouth. Then gradually switch to using a brush to brush your cat's teeth

. You can brush your cat's teeth after dinner every day. You will only take a moment of time.

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