Caring Disease In Dogs: Symptoms And Thorough Treatment.

Care disease in dogs is a dangerous disease for all types of dogs, especially puppies with a high risk of death. Therefore, to protect the health of your dog, you should learn about this disease for timely treatment solutions.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< How to treat dogs with ear infections Dogs change teeth: Recognize and prepare Are dogs with red rashes dangerous? Handbook for rabies in dogs Care virus in dogs The virus care in dogs is a type of RNA virus of the Paramyxoviridae family of the same virus that causes measles and mumps in humans. They reproduce most favorably in cool climates but are sensitive to high temperatures, especially those that can be killed by detergents or solvents containing lipids, ether, chloroform and reducing agents. quaternary ammonium coincidence

. Potentially contagious: This disease is highly contagious, spreading worldwide to predators, especially dogs. The incidence can vary slightly between animals but generally remains very high, above all, once the dog disease has developed, the mortality rate reaches 100% for dogs that have not been vaccinations at regular intervals. In addition, the incidence, duration of development and severity of care in dogs depend on their immunity and age
Caring disease in dogs is most affected in puppies aged 3-6 months with the highest incidence

Caring virus disease in dogs can persist in the excretions of infected animals within 90 days. Moreover, the care virus in dogs can be found everywhere in the air, food, water, or objects of an infected animal. From there, the virus enters the host through the respiratory tract, digestive tract or lymphatic system of the immune system and then travels through the blood throughout the body.
Virus care attacks your pet through exposure to the surrounding environment.
Symptoms of care in dogs
In the early stages, the symptoms of dog care are actually unclear and easily confuse you with some of the other common dog diseases like dermatitis or intestinal disease. However, dogs with end-stage care, strong disease development will show more clearly with some common symptoms below through each stage. Dog care not only affects a certain part of the dog but it also puts pressure on all of the pet's organs, causing the body's immunity to decline rapidly, enabling other opportunistic conditions

Care Disease causes the puppy's immune system to be severely impaired, enabling other diseases to attack.
Dogs with fever rule
This is one of the early signs when the care virus in dogs begins to enter the dog's body. High fevers of up to 40-41 degrees Celsius are proof that the immune system is working very hard to push foreign objects to protect the dog's environment. At this time, dogs exhibit certain fatigue patterns that lead to stress, inactivity, moodiness and isolation from the surrounding world by hiding in a dark corner. Caring in dogs also causes uncontrollable vomiting and anorexia syndrome.
After 24-26 hours, the temperature of the dog can be reduced to 38-39 degrees Celsius for 3-4 days. At this time, the disease has actually become serious due to the strong bacterial superinfection in the animal's body. At the same time, symptoms of care in dogs begin to become more apparent as the virus reaches essential organ systems such as the digestive system, respiratory system, even the nervous system

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When your dog has a constant or prolonged fever, take your dog to a veterinary health center for inspection.
Symptoms of skin care in dogs
Caring in dogs is one of the reasons they get a rash on thin, thin-skinned areas like the abdomen, chest, and inner thighs, which then become pea-sized and turn into pus-filled nodules. . These spots are actually a pool of superinfected bacteria that accumulate, causing dermatitis after which they can break off, become sticky with fur, causing an unpleasant odor on the dog's body. In another case when the sores do not break, they dry, become scaly and peel off leaving an open wound but very quickly heal.
Caring in dogs also causes 80-90% of the dogs' skin on the muzzle and feet to develop abnormal growths, or proliferating skin, making the skin there thicker and cracked which is painful and difficult. towels in the move.
You should regularly check your dog's paws to make sure he doesn't show signs of Care

Effects on the digestive system
Care has serious effects on the dog's digestive system. The main symptoms are gastroenteritis and gastritis, which causes the dog to vomit, anorexia leading to vomiting of the first food, then vomiting and eventually vomiting yellow fluid. The vomiting of gold in dogs only occurs when there is no food left in the dog's stomach, bile secretions are excess and cause internal organ disorders due to the strong acidity from the bile fluid affecting the stomach wall.
Besides, dogs also b.

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