Cat Cried Out: Revealing Dangerous Truths

Cats do not make noise, are they a normal physiological sign, or are they infected? Suddenly one nice day your cat called out, or only the "e..e..e" that made you feel quite worried because you do not know what your cat is having problems?
The physiological cause of the cat making noise
Should we bathe for cats? Should we cut the cat's claws?
Learning about cat scabies in cats Can cats making noises are dangerous?
Cats do not make a sound, what is the cause? Why do cats normally play and play a lot but nowadays they do not make a sound, or a humming, gasping noise?
Due to new living space changes
If you recently moved into a new home and your kittens still haven't gotten used to this space, they are often frightened, less vocal than normal

This is common in cats, but after a few days the cats will be happy and will be able to cry. In the event that your cat has lost her voice for a long time, making a fussing noise, it is better to take her to the vet for a closer examination.
When changing a new space, cats tend to cower and be alert to the surroundings

Temporary voice loss
Another reason cats may not make calls is probably a temporary loss of voice

. Just like humans, if we talk and scream all day, it's easy to get hoarseness. In cats, too, sometimes too much and screaming all day can cause them to lose their voice.
If you are a busy person, don't have too much time and often leave your cat alone at home, then they may lose their voice due to too much screaming during self-play without your knowledge.
You can improve this condition by playing with it more often, letting it go out, playing to help cats relax and relax, avoiding them alone can lead to the common depression in cat.
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The pathological cause of the cat making no sound
A cat that doesn't make a sound, or a cat that has lost its voice, can also be a sign that cats are suffering from dangerous conditions. Some common cat diseases, such as respiratory infections, hyperthyroidism, can also cause cats to make noises.
Being vocalized can also be considered a sign of certain cat conditions

Inflammation of the respiratory tract causes cats to make noises
Even in healthy, vivacious cats, there is a risk of respiratory infections, regardless of age

. One of the most common upper respiratory diseases in cats is cat herpes (also known as cat flu).
Colds, allergies, calicillin and other similar breathing problems can easily cause a sudden loss of noise in cats. They are often accompanied by signs of watery eyes, shortness of breath and shortness of breath, loss of appetite, unpleasant discharge from the nose, mouth and eyes. Other symptoms include coughing, sneezing and sudden spasms
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If you leave your pet free to move around, it will most likely be infected with rabies from another infected animal.
Rabies is a fairly common disease not only in puppies but also in cats.
Rabies usually causes a cat to become so hoarse that the certificate opens its mouth and cannot make any sounds. In this case, you need to take them to the veterinarian right away for proper examination and treatment.
Hyperthyroidism is a health disorder caused by an overactive thyroid

. Older cats are frail due to old age, so they are more likely to get this disease than younger cats.
The common symptoms in this disease are cats who are active, aggressive, or irritable, urinate a lot, have difficulty breathing ... Some other side effects can be mentioned such as hoarseness, weight loss and loss of appetite. suddenly.
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Signs of tumors
Polyps, tumors, cancers and other types of growths can develop inside the cat's mouth, or on the vocal cords inside the throat.
The bumps will make the cat uncomfortable and, worse, make a noise

These growths may limit the meow, and the sound that comes from the cat's mouth, or if dangerous, these diseases can permanently cause the cat to cry.
These health problems often lead to side effects other than loss of voice such as sneezing, breathing problems or even an ear infection.
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