Cat Litter For Good Kind? Where To Buy Cheap?

Cat litter is always an effective product for domestic cats. You probably used to have a headache when your cat defecated in the wrong place. Moreover, the scent from cat litter is very strong and not pleasant at all. That is why cat litter was born. So what are they really? What kind of sand should be used? Buy cat litter for any kind of good? Where to sell cheap, reputable? Let's find out together

What is cat litter for cats?
Today, when the world is gradually becoming modern. Cat farming does not stop at raising rats. Cats are becoming more and more popular and start being raised in high-class apartments and apartments
Therefore, hygiene for cats is a problem that everyone cares about

. Therefore, sanitary sand is becoming more and more popular because of its convenience and usefulness.
Cat litter is specially formulated for hygroscopic and deodorizing purposes. Keep your living space free from the smell of cat urine. Becomes airy, clean, and smells good. In addition, some types of sand are able to clump themselves. They will assist you a lot in cleaning. Without having to worry too much about the smell and the stains getting into your hands

Sanitary sand is an indispensable product for cat owners

Types of hygiene cat litter
Currently on the market there are many types of sanitary sand for cats. Such as bentonite clay sand, glass sand for cats, sawdust wood chips, pine wood, ... However, the two most common and popular sand types will be introduced to right here.
Clay sand
The clumps don't clump
This sand uses natural clay, with a low bentonite content. Therefore, sand does not have the ability to clump

. This cat is intended to meet the cats' hygiene requirements. The ability to absorb odors just enough, does not retain the unpleasant odor inherent in cat urine. However, the disadvantage of this sand is the ability to lock the smell is poor, sand will smell faster than other products. Additionally, when using these there are some inconveniences for you. Cleaning will be harder than ever. You must change sand regularly and scrub sand tray at the same time. In order to prevent bacteria from multiplying and ensuring hygiene and health for our cats.
Clotted clay sand
The most common type of sanitary sand for cats is clay sand

. With the main ingredient is bentonite, this sand is extremely benign. Ingredients are often used for some daily necessities such as toothpaste, human shampoos. As a result, their ability to absorb and deodorize extremely outstanding. The plus point of bentonite sand is very high plasticity. Therefore, when the cat's urine is absorbed, the sand will immediately clump. Does not leave any odor. You also clean the toilet easier. Just remove lumps of clay from the tray without having to clean the tray multiple times

Bentonite sand (clay sand) has many advantages over ordinary sand.
Glass sand
Today, with the technology developed, cat litter for many improvements. Glass sand is the latest hygienic sand, made from silica granules as hygroscopic particles in food bags. Therefore, these glass beads can absorb moisture very quickly up to 95%, completely deodorizing cat waste. In particular, glass sand is very light weight, does not cause foot contact, stain the cat's body. In addition, the special feature does not cause dust, always safe for the cat's respiratory system.
Glass sand for cats also has 2 types of clay sand. Clotted and no clumping

. However, both have superior features compared to traditional sand. Thanks to the high hygroscopic properties, and the transparent grain so you can fully observe the color of sand. Based on that, choose a suitable sand replacement time. With improved technology, today many companies release glass sand for cats to clump. Own all the necessary advantages of a sanitary cat product for cats. Highly hygroscopic, does not cling to cat's legs or body, easy cleaning and hygiene.
Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when sanitary sand is more expensive than other types of sand. But believe me, glass sand for cats is very economical

. 1 bag of 5 liters is equivalent to 3.4 bags of normal sand. Saving you a lot of money, it is extremely convenient.
Glass sand is like a hygroscopic particle, so it can absorb water very well.
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How to use sanitary cats for cats
Train your cat to use sanitary sand
You should practice using sanitary cats for your cats when they are babies. It is best when the cat has just turned 2-3 months old. This is a good time to give your cat a good habit, going to the toilet in the right place. If you hesitate, the cat will not like to go to the toilet in the tray

. So start early to give your cat time to adjust.
First, choose a litter box that fits your body size. Not too high, not too low. Cats can move in and out of trays easily. It is best to clean a tray that is 1.5 times larger than a cat's body. Help the cat turn,.

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