Cat Shedding: Everything A Farmer Needs To Know!

Is a shedding cat a natural phenomenon? That's a question anyone who has no experience with cats always asks. This has made many owners worry for their beloved cat. So cats may shed a lot of disease is not it? How is the cure? Let's find out with
Cat shedding: Is it a disease?
In furry animals, typically cats and dogs, hair loss is a natural physiological phenomenon

. This process takes place when the old coat has aged, requiring shedding so that the new hair can grow. Similar to ours, hair loss is not a cause for concern. Cats often shed their fur and will change their coat in a set amount of time
The cats shed their hair in the spring and gradually replace their new coat in the fall

. When molting, the weather is cold, new feathers need to grow up to prepare a warm coat for the cold winter day. Therefore, in the winter, the cats shed less. If your baby has any abnormal hair loss on these days, take him to the vet to see if there is any medical problem.
Shedding occurs in many furry animals, which is how they will replace the old coat.
However, when the cat sheds too much, the owner needs more attention. Especially when cats shed their hair in patches and sometimes have red patches on their skin. At that time, the cat body is no longer healthy
It could be due to an imbalanced diet or some other environmental dermatitis that causes hair to weaken and break

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Causes and symptoms of cat shedding
Cat shedding is a normal phenomenon, but it is inevitable because of bacteria, parasitic fungi, ... Therefore, the owner needs to have his knowledge about skin diseases of cats. to promptly treat the baby. What causes cats to lose their fur? How to identify hair loss in cats quickly?
Cats shed their natural fur
Sometimes cats shed their hair at the wrong time. So which causes the above abnormalities to be able to recognize that it is not a disease?
Time exposed to light
Usually, if the cat is exposed to the sun more time, the cat will shed more and more regularly and at the right time. Compared to domestic cats, they will often shed their hair continuously but not as much as the number of cats outdoors

. In addition, domestic cats may have their fur shedding at any time. Due to less exposure time to sunlight.
Sunlight affects cats' moult a lot.
Breeds of cats
Depending on the breed, the genetic makeup will lead to a different amount of hair loss. The cats have short coat with one coat like Siamese, Burmese or Vietnamese cats (hot climate). Less hair loss. Best of all, Sphynx babies never even shed their hair, right? Long-haired cats such as Maine Coon or Ragdoll, Persian cats shed more hair, the amount of hair loss is much clearer.
Mother cat is breastfeeding
When cats are pregnant and breastfeeding, there will be changes in hormone levels

. It is also possible to mention the cats after castration, sterilization is also affected by hormones. The hormones secreted will make the baby's body function unstable. Hair loss is also a side effect of that change. When the cat stops milk or stabilizes after a sterilization, the fur will decrease. Therefore, you do not need to be too worried when your baby is in this case.
Mothers are also very prone to hair disease because hormones change.
Cat shedding due to disease
If your cat does not naturally shed, this phenomenon is unusual. Cat fur falls into pieces, large and small

. This leads to hairless areas of the body. That's when you should question the cat's skin disease.
Hair loss caused by bacteria, parasites
If you find your cat is starting to scratch more, try rubbing a lot on the wall. Lick more hair every day. It is possible the cat has had a skin condition such as Demodex scabies or parasitic ticks and fleas. Leading to local dermatitis, cats shed their hair in pieces, scratching and bleeding. If you do not detect it in time, it will worsen and lead to some opportunistic diseases. Because the baby's skin is sensitive at this time, not strong enough to prevent bacteria and viruses from invading the disease

. The parasites will gradually absorb nutrition in cats, leading to stunting, underdevelopment or sometimes cat severe irritation due to toxic parasitic saliva, causing death.
Infected skin caused by mold and fungus
Cat litter caused by fungus is also one of the common skin diseases. Cat health at this time will be reduced, inactive. The areas where cats suffer from fungal hair loss will mostly be in the tail or ears. The cause of this is mainly due to the moist environment of the cat, creating conditions for the accumulation of bacteria and fungi that thrive and parasitize the skin. This disease is less dangerous than bacteria or parasites, Demodex. However, if you do not overcome the habitat, cleaning the cat's litter box in time will be equally dangerous. Because cats will be itchy, try him


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