Cat Vomiting: Causes, How To Diagnose And Treat At Home

Cat vomiting is a condition that any cat will encounter at least once in a lifetime. For humans, nausea also means "feeling uncomfortable in the stomach", "vomiting", or having a "bad stomach", and this can also cause discomfort and discomfort. in the belly.
It is more difficult for a cat to define, because animals cannot tell you how they are feeling. For example, there are no symptoms or symptoms until the cat throws up

. A common symptom of this condition is a decrease in appetite. In addition, cats will chew and lick too much, make too much noise (continuous meow), do not stay still, and drool if they want to vomit. Nausea can make the cat uncomfortable and stand still
Some cats will walk around meow meow, some will lie idly and drool

Why are cats healthy like vomiting?
One of the most common diseases that cause vomiting in cats is the fur ball disease. Hair tufts come from the cat's stomach has too much hair, which affects the digestive process and causes cats to vomit the fur to the outside. As well as human flu, if you do not care for cats regularly, they will occur more often.
To limit the bun, in addition to caring for the cat's fur, you can also give your cat a cat food that helps treat the bun. These nuts have a special design that helps to clean the bad hairs in the stomach and push them out in the way of waste excretion.
Cat vomits and general information to know
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A cat with vomiting often has no specific symptoms. This means that vomiting is caused by a variety of reasons
These may include a weak stomach, changes in diet, digesting foreign objects (such as plastic or clothing), eating too quickly, too much, eating spoiled or toxic foods, licking things that are bad taste (such as a tick remedy), difficulty moving, allergies, or puffiness causes your cat to vomit yellow fluid with fur or food

Vomiting cats make them tired and quite passive with their surroundings.
Certain illnesses can also make cats feel nauseous, especially if they disturb the digestive system (stomach and / or intestines). Vomiting can be a sign of diseases from various organs like cancer, acute or chronic kidney failure, diabetes, liver failure, or many other infections. That makes diagnosing your cat more difficult to vomit.
At one time or another, your pet will experience a series of nausea episodes followed by a prolonged episode of nausea. Vomiting can be a minor problem, but it can also be a cause of underlying illness.
If your cat vomits after eating and drinking normally, it could be a sign of a tuft (a flu-like illness in humans) that can be easily cured. If your cat vomits along with anorexia or apathy, being inactive, you need to take your baby to the vet for examination and testing

You can take your cat to a vet if she is vomiting frequently.
Signs that make a cat nauseous include:
Lick or chew too much
Loss of appetite (decreased appetite)
Cats with excessive vomiting may be associated with the following conditions:
Dehydration due to vomiting, anorexia.
Diarrhea may occur when there are digestive problems
Abnormal behavior or physical conditions associated with prolonged vomiting include laziness (reluctance to move), weakness, abdominal pain, weight loss, blood in the vomit. These signs may signal that your cat is experiencing other more serious illnesses. This condition is exacerbated by older cats.
How to diagnose when your cat vomits
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< All cats' scabies disability Why is it that cats keep chirping? 3 mistakes when buying food for long-haired British cats Why do mothers not have milk? The diagnosis to find the cause when your cat is vomiting can include several ways: Find in the house what cats have eaten or licked and make them vomit. Check the toilet tray to see if the amount of urine is less than normal or if the stool is showing any abnormalities. The diagnosis will include palpating the belly (to see if the cat feels any pain)

. The vet will look for signs of pain or check that the abdomen is abnormal in size. The doctor may also examine the rectum by gently inserting the gloved little finger into the anus to see if there is anything abnormal inside the cat's large intestine, such as constipation or diarrhea.
The doctor may also examine the cat's mouth for signs of infection, tooth decay or other damage. Temperature, pulse (heart rate) and breathing are also measured to see if the cat has a fever.
Assess your cat's complete medical history and health history. The history assessment may include questions related to vaccination history, diet, taste, general health, previous medical conditions, etc.
When keeping a cat, you also need to keep a record of your health and disease history to keep track of your baby's health.


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