Cats Constantly Chirp: “clearing The Island” 9 Common Reasons

The cat is constantly crying for unknown reasons. Are they having a problem or disease? Let's refer to the article below to "clear" the cause of cats calling "meow" continuously and how to effectively overcome this situation.
The cat constantly chirps because she wants to attract attention
The cat constantly chirps because she wants to attract the owner. The animal is quite hyperactive, mischievous and very intelligent. Sometimes, because playing alone, not having friends to play with makes cats feel very bored and constantly calling, the purpose of this is just to send a simple message to a lotus like "Sen, I'm not okay, please Come here and play with me !! "

The cat often fussy, refusing to play alone, if you go right now and play with them, will cause the cat to become angry with you. This is not good for them, because they gradually form a bad habit, and they will constantly call for a day that you can not stop. It is best to leave them alone, let the cat cry freely when tired, bored, it will stop automatically

When your cat wants to attract you attention, he or she will often chatter and chatter in long intervals

So, for now, is there a need for cats to give food to keep them quiet? The answer will be no. This is especially important when you give your cat food this time, he will think that as much as they are entitled to food.
Reward your cat when he / she is playing alone, making no noise or disturbances, which will help him become more obedient and obedient.
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Why do cats cry?
Cats constantly complain because they are sick
The weather changes erratically, the sunshine and the rain make it very easy for your pet to get sick. For cats with a history of disease, or ill health, this can happen in cats.
Many cats who are sick will also make frequent calls, but the calls will look weaker and smaller.
Common symptoms when cats get sick will often cough, runny nose, cry, irritable but there are cases, cats only manifest a single symptom that is sleeping a lot

You need to pay more attention and attention to the cat, if you detect abnormal signs, it is better to take them to the vet immediately to be properly examined and treated

🔰 Overview of respiratory diseases in cats
The cat constantly chirps because of hunger
There are cats who are very smart, when you are too busy, do not have much time, sometimes accidentally forget food, this time the cat is constantly chirping, humming all day, the purpose is to remind as well as the newspaper. their food and drink status is depleted.
If your cat has been without food for a long time, he or she will often call for attention.
The problem of water and cat food is quite important, every day you should check the location of the food regularly, avoid starvation will affect their health. See also: Dehydration in cats: Causes & Symptoms
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The cat chirps continuously when it comes to menstruation
A cat's menstrual cycle, also known as the estrous cycle. When they are in heat, they often have symptoms such as constantly screaming, rolling, clawing, clawing and scrapping everything in the house ..

. the purpose is to release the smell, find a partner.
If you're lucky enough to find a partner, your cat will stop showing any abnormalities after 1-3 weeks. This means that they are pregnant, and will seek a partner again after 1-3 weeks after the birth of the baby.
Menstruation is another reason why cats are annoyed and constantly moan.
Each year the cat will lay about 3-4 litters, and this can affect the health and longevity of the cat, you can sterilize, help them not to give birth anymore, and get them out of the cycle. estrus full of difficulties.
Cats make noise because they are uncomfortable
If your cat is sensitive, fragile, weak and fragile, you should be more concerned about it. Sometimes only small changes in living space can make your cat feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and constantly vocalizing

In this case, you need to pay attention to find out why the cat is constantly chirping and help them get back together, to avoid leaving the cat alone for a long time, which is not good.
Cats keep chirping because they feel lonely
Sometimes cats complain constantly because they are too lonely to be "cared" for. At this time, the cat will try to attract attention, call and scream. You should not let them play alone for too long, as cats are prone to stress and depression if not cared for.
Cats are constantly screaming because they may need a confidant.
In this case, one way to help you solve this problem is to buy a cat toy that will help them relax and feel more comfortable playing alone without you around.
Continuous cats may have hyperthyroidism
When cats grow old, it is accompanied by diseases that are inevitable. One of the common diseases in older cats is hyperthyroidism

If suddenly an n.

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