Cats Refuse To Eat: Causes And Solutions

Cat refuses to eat is always a problem for cat owners because this makes us worry whether or not cats are anorexic or having health problems. So, in this article, let's find out why cats refuse to eat and how to deal with them. Let's reveal it!
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< What cats eat to coat? Antifreeze poisoning in cats What should a cat do? What do cats do drool do? Cats refuse to eat for what reason? If you are a long-term cat breeder, you will probably find your cat anorexic or anorexic sometimes even though he has been eating and running around before. The fact that your cat refuses to eat will be confusing and worrying for her because she doesn't like the taste of the food or if she is having health problems. So what is the reason why the cat refuses to eat or the anorexia cat? Cats do not eat, many owners worry

. Cats do not eat due to objective reasons As we all know cats are quite picky eaters and eat very little so we suddenly change the food or eating environment makes them feel uncomfortable making cats refusing to eat. A lot of people realize that when we pamper and feed cats good food, cats will get used to the taste and if you give your cat a "miserable" day, the cat refuses to eat and skip meals. So we should not indulge them in the first place, please change the taste constantly for cats to avoid boredom
Or there are also anorexic cats because a new pet appears in the family to make them more difficult, more annoying or you accidentally change the cat's pen

Inappropriate or problematic food is often the main reason cats are lazy to eat.
Third, the cat's bowl must be wide and deep enough for the cat to easily eat without touching the side of the bowl. Some owners do not know but accidentally feeding the cat a very narrow bowl makes it difficult for her to eat and causes her to stop eating.
Fourthly, the reason the cat refuses to eat or the cat refuses to eat is the psychology. Some owners are busy leaving their homes for a while and sending cats to their relatives to care for them so they will feel lacking and miss you leading to cats' loss of appetite and not eating as much as normal days with friends. squirrel.
And in the end, the cat refused to eat due to the weather
When the weather is hot, cats do not need as much energy to burn in order to keep themselves warm like winter

. So if you find your cat lazy on summer days, don't worry too much.
Hot weather is also the reason why cats feel tired and do not want to eat.
Cats do not eat due to subjective reasons
If your cat is lazy to eat or anorexic cat is not one of the above, then you may think of the cat as having a health condition, especially fatty liver disease.
When the cat refuses to eat the amount of fat in the body automatically converts into energy and when the cat is hungry, the amount of fat is not released in the liver but the storage leads to fatty liver and inefficient operation. .
In addition, when the kitten is anorexic or refuses to eat with signs such as lethargy, vomiting, or drooling, immediately take the cat to a reputable veterinary hospital for timely examination and treatment. Please.
Stimulating the taste of animal
How to deal with cats refusing to eat?
How to cure sick cats
Sick cats are a common problem nowadays, especially for kittens because of their immature resistance

. Some common diseases in cats are: rabies, respiratory infections, FIV, FIP, parasites, diabetes ...
So how to treat sick cats?
Firstly pay attention to the diet. Need to add a variety of foods rich in nutrients such as vitamins, proteins for cats to increase resistance. In addition, the cat should be fed clean water daily to avoid dehydration in the baby's body
Second, pay attention to place the barn in a well-ventilated, clean place to avoid drafts and prevent bacteria.
Thirdly, clean your baby regularly and properly according to the doctor's instructions to keep her body clean and fragrant.
If your cat is sick, it will cause her to stop eating because she feels that the meal is not good

Cat still refused to eat?
For cats who are anorexic or lazy to eat due to objective reasons such as pampering habits or the environment, eating utensils, you just need to give your cat scientific eating, according to the framework.
During hot days, you should feed your cat wet foods or soak the food with water for 5 minutes before feeding the cat to stimulate the taste, help cats eat more appetite. Also pay attention and give your cat water to drink regularly.
In addition, the most important treatment for cats who refuse to eat is to create an attractive flavor in each baby's daily food.
For hard or dry foods, soak the water to make it easier for the cat to eat.
You can sprinkle chicken, fish or cheese on cat food. Besides, you can give your cat more pate to change the taste and also because pate has a lot of c.

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