Cause Cats Are Lazy To Eat And Remedies

Lazy cats are very common in cats. Like children, cats are very stubborn, picky eaters and bullshit. However, it will depend on the case and the cat's behavior so that you can identify the cause of the cat's laziness to eat and how to fix it effectively.
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< Feeding cats properly for newbies How to fatten lazy cats to eat [succeeded] Cat diets Cat food is the most popular in Vietnam What are signs of a lazy cat eating 3 days or more? When a cat faces the discomfort of its illness, its appetite decreases. Some illnesses cause loss of appetite, making cats lazy to eat

. Some common diseases that make cats lazy to eat are: Undigested Usually, it takes a long time for the cat to digest food, and if it eats indigestible foods like meat, then the digestion can take place within 48 hours, which can make it difficult for the cat to fill up. suffer and lead to lazy eating. Anorexic cat may be a sign of gastrointestinal problems
In some cases, the presence of foreign objects, tumors or foreign bodies in any part of the digestive tract in cats can cause vomiting or diarrhea

An accompanying digestive cat will refuse any food or drink because this activity will only aggravate its current condition.
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Pain when eating
Cats have dental problems, spinal injuries or painful fractures that make it hard to eat. Or when your cat has gingivitis, loose teeth, and an infected mouth, it will also stop him from eating when he feels pain. To help your cat clean his / her teeth effectively, you can brush your cat's teeth with a cream and a Beaphar brush.
Dental problems also make your cat feel anorexic.
These problems will make the cat feel very painful when chewing, it is better to take the pet cat to a veterinarian to clean the teeth and thoroughly examine the cat's condition.
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Gastrointestinal and stomach issues
Symptoms related to gastrointestinal problems prevent cats from eating or eating lazy
This could be the result of a series of diseases that can occur in the cat's digestive tract

. Some diseases include:
Cancer (e.g., intestinal lymphoma)
Pancreatitis (inflammation or infection of the pancreas)
Colitis (acute or chronic inflammation of the lining of the colon)
Gastroenteritis (inflammation or infection of the gastrointestinal tract).
Signs of kidney disease
Cats are lazy to eat because of kidney disease, which makes them feel tired and lose their appetite. Therefore, if your cat is lazy to eat in time and comes with a number of other kidney-related signs, it is necessary to take his pet immediately to the veterinary center for clinical examination.
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Why are cats lazy to eat but still normal activities?
Cats are very sensitive, like young children, sometimes very greedy but sometimes refuse to eat for small reasons. In some cases, they may not like a particular food, feel that the food is too cold, the dish is so dirty that "sulk" and refuses to eat.
Anorexic cat, but with normal activity, may be due to a number of other reasons

Changing food for older cats that make them feel unfamiliar, or difficult to eat, can cause skipping meals. To urge your cat to eat, try changing the bowls, changing the diet so that he or she gets excited and eats more.
Position or size of the bowl
Keep your cat's bowl near the trash so she doesn't like to eat. Cats also feel threatened if there is more than one pet in an eating environment.
Placing their food in the presence of other cats or pets can make them feel that the food source is threatened or that they have to fight for food. This is common in small cats or kittens.
Cats have the habit of eating in one place and using only one tray of food. So, if the position changes, the cat may not want to eat

Their food should be kept in a separate room, away from other pets and even humans.
Because cats have long beards, they like to eat or drink in bowls large enough to avoid touching their whiskers. The shallow and wide bowl is ideal for a cat food and drink.
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As cats grow, their metabolism slows down, they produce more digestive problems, and muscles and bones wear out. For these reasons, older cats may feel afraid to eat. These cats have become accustomed to root foods, and sometimes changing to a new food source can upset them and turn them away. See also: Experience in caring for old cats
Age can also affect cats' anorexia.
Feeling of dehydration
Cats are very lazy to drink, unless water is placed in their bowls

. Unlike humans, they are not aware when the body will become dehydrated and tolerate more.
So good.

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