Collect Your Own Language To Talk To Cats

Talking to cats is not as difficult as you think. Although it is an animal, cats are very friendly and close. They always try to listen and understand their owners. Just by looking at your cat's behavior or eyes, you can know what he wants. From there, increase the close relationship between you and your pet

Talk to cats: Understand cat eyes
Cats often use their eyes to communicate with their peers.
The way to communicate with your cat by eye is the easiest way to understand each other. Just like humans, cat eyes tell their mood
Some mood expressions through how to communicate with the cat with your eyes can refer to

When the pupils dilate: They are feeling scared or excited, which can also be fun.
Cats look you in the eye: This is when they feel confident in you and want to lean on you the most.
Cats blink slowly: feeling secure and comfortable.
The pupils widen, staring unblinkingly: When you encounter such cats, you should be careful because they are highly focused to prepare for an attack!
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Talk to the cat: Watch the cat's tail
Cat's tail movement is how cats respond to surrounding situations.
Tailing with cats is not just about shaping direction, keeping balance. Cats also show affection through waving their tails. So, apart from the eyes, you can also see the cat's behavior through the movement of the tail to guess what they are looking for

The tail is upright and curved at the end: This is how your cat shows that she is feeling happy and happy

Tail twitching: When you see the cat's tail twitching, they are excited or on the other extreme, they are panicking. So, when you see the cat's tail twitching, you need to find out the cause to understand what your baby wants.
Tail is shaking: She is definitely excited. Give your baby anything he wants to keep his cat happy.
Tail hair is inverted, the end is curved: You will see this situation when one cat is trying to attack another cat. It is best to stay away from cats or not startle them, because cats will tend to attack the person who startled them.
Tail hair is raised, tail is low: Cat is wary of everything around. This is a fairly natural act when your baby feels something dangerous or not right around

The tail goes down low: this is when the baby is feeling scared. The best thing you can do is reassure your cat so he or she doesn't feel lonely.
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Talk to cats: Body language
Unlike dogs, cats are usually very quiet. They only show the reaction through the actions of the body.
If you keep cats long, you will find that they always take physical actions to try to communicate with us. Specifically, in addition to sending messages through eyes, tails, cats always try to communicate with people in their body language.
Cat face up, head tilted slightly: a greeting sign.
Ears slightly tilted back: feeling stressed or scared can also be happy or excited

Use your tongue to lick your lower lip: a feeling of anxiety or fear.
Cats rub their fur on their owners: this is the action that cats do only with people who are familiar with them. Express the relationship, close.
Head towards you, touching your nose to you: trusting when being with your employer.
Going in a circle, wagging your tail at a person or animal means greeting.
Bow your head and shake: rejoice or love something.
When cats bite and do nothing more: they need quiet, do not disturb.
When biting softly combined with foot play: This action means they are trying to play with you

Talk to your cat: Understand the meaning of a cat's call
When the cat calls, the cat will also make different calls and pauses to express their wishes.
You always see cats meowing even with humans or other pets. However, if you pay close attention, you will find that the sound of cats calling will have different sounds in each context and the meaning is also very different ..
When the cat gave a definite meow: Saying hello.
Repeating meow meow: Say hello but I'm in high spirits.
The meow many times, unclear, voice not high, not low: Being hungry and wanting to eat.
Low-pitched, prolonged meow: Demonstrates displeasure, discomfort, and potentially war

When a cat purrs ... not clearly accompanied by a trembling body, the pet may be nervous and scared.
Screech howling in response to pain.
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Learn how to talk to cats using language and gestures
The important thing when talking to cats is not to scold them but to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction through the way the language is conveyed. More specifically, a high voice expresses satisfaction and a low voice indicates dissatisfaction. Accompanied by speech, perform actions such as shaking his head, waving his hand when the cat did not do the right thing

. Smile, caress when they do well.
Summary of some cat behaviors.

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