Common Urinary Tract Diseases In Cats will provide you with information about the structure, function and diseases of the urinary tract of cats. The article covers the general structure of the urinary tract, how the urinary tract functions, common diseases affecting the urinary tract, and common diagnostic tests performed to diagnose the disease. Urinary.
What is the urinary tract?
The cat's urinary tract is a system that includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra

. These agencies work together to produce, transport, store and excrete urine. The urinary tract also plays an important role in eliminating waste, controlling the volume and composition of body fluids.
Where is the urinary tract of cats located?
The cat has two kidneys located in the abdominal cavity below the spine, near the intersection of the spine and the final rib
The ureter (of each kidney) extends from the kidneys to the bladder

. The bladder is located below the peritoneum, just behind the pubic joint. The urethra runs along the kidneys, bringing urine from the bladder to the outside. See also: Symptoms of kidney disease in cats?
Close up of cat's kidney part.
General structure and function of the urinary tract
The kidney of a cat is pea-shaped. The dents of the two "beans" are called the peduncles, which are the travel areas of the blood vessels, nerves and ureters.
The kidney unit or nephron is the basic structure and function of the kidney. There are hundreds of nephrons and each of these filters has the ability to form urine itself
Each nephron consists of a cluster of small blood vessels called glomeruli and a small tube called a renal tubule

. Nephron is responsible for removing urea, combined with water and other waste products to form urine.
Urine is filled in the renal pelvis (the area of urine located in the navel) and from the kidneys into the ureter (very thin tubes extending from the kidney to the bladder) and then stored in the bladder.
Renal diseases are the most common in cats.
The bladder is shaped like a ball, which stores urine temporarily. The bladder is fixed by the pelvis and ligaments of other organs. The sphincter of the bladder is responsible for keeping urine from leaking out. But when urine is stored and reached a certain amount, the nerves in the bladder wall will notify the cat's brain that it is time to urinate.
When urinating, the sphincter automatically relaxes and the round muscles release urine into the external environment through the urethra

Thận Kidney stones in cats: Causes and treatments
What is the function of the kidneys?
The kidneys and urinary tract are responsible for many important functions of the body. Although two kidneys must work in parallel to perform complex functions, cats can still live healthy with one kidney.
The most important function of the kidneys is to filter and eliminate metabolic wastes. The kidneys excrete waste products into the urine and return water or salt back to the blood. The kidneys monitor and maintain the balance of water in the body, ensuring that body tissues receive enough water to retain water, which works well to maintain health.
The kidneys help regulate the acid-base (pH) balance in blood and body fluids. Some ions, such as hydrogen, are retained or eliminated from the body to help maintain this balance.
By regulating salt levels through the production of an enzyme called renin, the kidneys ensure that blood pressure is regulated

. The amount of sodium salt retained in the body greatly affects blood pressure.
The kidneys affect some hormonal functions in the body. The kidneys secrete a hormone called erythropoietin, a substance that stimulates bone marrow to make red blood cells. The kidney also produces a substance that converts vitamin D into its most active form, calcitriol.
According to US research, 2 out of 3 cats suffer from kidney diseases. The main reason is because the cat's kidneys are under great pressure when they eat a lot of dry foods and drink very little water. In the long run, there are two cat diseases that are prone to getting older; including kidney failure and kidney stones. So, as cats and cat lovers, what do we need to do?
The best way is to adjust your cat's diet in the first place

. In addition to feeding your cat wet foods and drinking plenty of water, you can also offer your cat foods specializing in kidney support. This will keep the kidneys of the cat in good health and limit the risk of cat disease in the elderly.
Food for cats to support kidney function
Common urinary tract diseases in cats
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< Are cats making noise when talking? Overview of cat earthworm disease How to raise cats in the home with 7 heart tips Should buy any cat scratches? Like other systems in the body, the urinary tract is at risk of being disturbed, injured by various types of pathology. These diseases.

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