Cut Your Dog’s Toenails: “break The Island” Tips Do Not Hurt The Dog

Trimming a dog's pedicure not only makes the dog's paws more tidy, but also helps protect the health of your pet. The article would like to share with you the benefits of a brief cleaning for your dog's toenails and cutting method so that the dog will not bleed.
The importance of pedicure for a dog
Some misconceptions say that dogs are afraid of toenails because it hurts the dog. But reality has proven that puppies are only scared in case the owner accidentally cuts into the marrow to bleed. Trimming a dog's toenails has many benefits you may not know about
You should practice cutting your dog's toenails when he is young so he can get used to it

Just like humans, a dog's toenails are very fast. If you do not regularly trim the dog's toenails, when the nails are long, they will stab into the dog's meat. Puppies will be painful and have trouble moving

Too long dog toenails can break during movement or activities that hurt the dog

. Moreover, long toenails also facilitate the growth of bacteria, flea bites attach to the dog's paws, causing disease.
Long toenails facilitate the growth of parasites on the dog's body.
Imagine a 4-foot dog with raft claws that not only lose aesthetics but also make the dog aggressive in the eyes of others.
A well-groomed dog will not scratch the floor or damage carpeting or any soft items in your home. When your child is practicing nail trimming habits, puppies will feel more interested with each nail trim.
Steps to perform dog's pedicure
Before you do a dog's pedicure, make sure your dog feels reassured and trusting you. For a few days before cutting, give your puppy a lap, stroking, especially stroking the dog's claws
In doing so, your dog will get used to it every day and you will also be able to take action easily

Determine the scope of the foundation to be cut
If you accidentally cut the dog's marrow, causing the dog to bleed, you will have a disadvantage in the following cuts. So determining the cutting range is very important.
For pets with transparent or white nails. It is very easy to see the pink marrow in the nail, it is also very easy to trim the dog's toenails.
Do not cut the nail too deeply because it is easy to break into the dog's meat.
With puppies with dark nails, you can not see the nail structure inside. Divide your dog's foundation into 4 parts. When cutting only cut ¼ the outside nail to not get into the marrow

. Or determine by noticing that the downward curved part of the footing is the part that does not have an internal marrow, which can be removed.
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Conducting a dog's pedicure
Step 1: Prepare nail clippers, paper towels, bandages, powders to prevent bleeding.
Step 2: Caress the dog's legs the same way you do every day. Use your hands to gently separate the nails to cut. Determine the part to be cut, firmly fixed the puppy's base with 2 index fingers and thumb.
Step 3: Take the cutting nippers close to the toenails, separating the nippers. Then bring the dog's legs closer to the cutting nippers.
Step 4: Tilt the cutting nipper 45 degrees so that the final cut point falls on the end of the nail

Step 5: Use a nail file to help prevent scratches and less sharpness.
Note when cutting nails for dogs
To make your dog more comfortable, before cutting your dog's toenails, give him a treat. You can also turn on the music to make the pet's mood as well as yourself more relaxing during the manicuring process. So the next time the dog is cut will be more excited.
Before cutting your nails, reassure them to make them feel comfortable.
Start cutting your toenails as soon as your puppy is small to make it a habit that your manicure is painless, not scary. Do not cut the long nail section 1 time. Make short cuts so that you don't accidentally cut off the puppy's marrow

Always observe your dog's attitude during the procedure. Pay attention to each gesture like the eyes, or see if the dog is trembling. This will help you understand your dog better, have a better approach to your pet, and facilitate the next few manicures.
On the advice of a veterinarian, it's a good idea to trim your dog's toenails instead of going to a veterinarian or pet care center. Because puppy will be more comfortable at home. Moreover, you are the most intimate companion, making them feel confident and assured. Cutting your toenails at home also saves you a lot of money.
If you are not confident about nail clippers for your puppy, take him to the veterinary center for assistance with nail cleaning

Choose a nail clipper that will fit your dog's nail set so it won't hurt your pet. When you accidentally make the dog bleed, calmly cover the nail, use sprinkle powder to sprinkle the wound. If there is no hemostatic powder, baking powder can be used instead.
With the above sharing, hope you have more information about the benefits of dog pedicure as well as how to ensure safety for pets. Cleaning your dog's toenails is also a good way to bond the good relationship between you and your dog. So do it and keep it real.

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