“decoding” Causes The Mother Cat To Have No Milk

Mother cat does not have cause milk. Why does a cat lose milk suddenly without a clear reason? Together with Petshopsaigon.vn "decode" the cause of dry cat milk and effective remedies to improve this situation.
Why does the mother cat have no milk?
Identify mothers without milk through their offspring
Cats are mammals, and breastfeed their babies. These mammary glands allow them to produce milk to feed their babies

. Breast milk is not simply a food, but also a source of colostrum, essential nutrition for kittens in early life.
Although very rare, the condition of mother without milk after birth is still common. One simple way you can tell if your cat is getting enough milk is by looking at her cubs

How to identify cats without milk can be easily by observing the health of the cubs

The kittens' body condition, along with their abnormal behavior, will report everything. If nurtured well, kittens will often be docile and develop regularly. On the other hand, if kittens often whine, look for food, or try to take their mother's hands, it signals that they are hungry and lack of milk.
Well-groomed kittens will develop noticeable fat around their belly from feeding, without milk, this will not happen.
If the mother and baby cat are healthy, there is a fat streak around the belly.
In this case, we can not feed the kittens early, because their bodies are quite weak, the digestive system has not formed stable. However, without intervention, the kittens will be hungry and easily die without food

At this point, it's a good idea to consult with your veterinarian, to find a way to fix this problem, help your mother to make milk, or replace a new food source for the kittens

💟 How to Make Toys Improve Cat Health
Genetics make mothers without milk
Inherited, a disease that makes cats unable to produce milk. In this case, there is no way to remedy this situation. Therefore, you need to replace breast milk with other types of milk suitable for kittens at this stage.
Malnutrition causes mother's milk to dry out
Malnutrition problems in mothers after birth cause milk deficiency. Before birth, the mother cat eats a lot, and often stops feeding just before birth, which is in preparation for nesting and getting ready to give birth.
If the mother cat is not well cared for before giving birth, it is easy for the cat to lack the milk supply for the kittens.
After birth, some mothers often eat, lazy to eat or maybe their body is suffering from tooth and throat diseases, so they will stop eating for a few days. In this case, keep your cat's favorite food ready, along with water next to him, so that he can use it if necessary

The infection causes the mother to not have milk
If the mother is infected with a bacterial or viral infection, this could affect her breast. Mastitis is a common condition at this time. If your cat's breast is swollen, it is very difficult to produce milk.
Breast infection is also one of the reasons that mothers do not produce milk.
In this case, if the mother can produce a little milk, then you should not feed the kitten because the infection can be passed from mother to child, it is better to use a new source of milk to feed. Nursing kitten right now.
Stress, fatigue, causing the mother to be unable to produce milk
Cats are quite sensitive animals, after giving birth they can be stressed and depressed. This may result in the cat being unable to produce milk for the offspring

. Not only that, but stressful cats will also prevent them from producing oxytocin, called the happy hormone, which helps release milk in the mother cat.
Other diseases cause mothers to lack milk
In addition to the aforementioned diseases, other diseases such as breast cancer will also cause milk problems, depending on the extent to which the breast breast can be significantly improved after treatment.
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Signs and treatment of expressed breast milk
How to improve the condition of the mother without milk
Mothers lose milk due to physiological and health problems, you should find specific causes to overcome this problem effectively. If your cat is anorexic and lazy to eat, you should have good food and water at your side, so that when he is hungry, he can eat again.
When a mother loses milk, the most important thing is to provide her with enough nutrients.
Some nutrients should be included in the menu of the mother cat after birth:
Protein, an essential nutrient, is indispensable for the mother after giving birth. Can provide protein for cats through some foods such as chicken, pork, liver, pate .

Fat is essential to help your cat increase the quality of milk for her cubs
Starch, nutritious indispensable for the mother cat after birth. Because the newborn cat usually takes quite a lot of energy, providing starch will help the mother to recover quickly.
Calcium, necessary for the development of kittens skeletons
Water, the key ingredient in milk, is a good idea to put water in a cup so your cat can drink when he is thirsty.
Pay attention to the cat's menu during pregnancy because this is an extremely important stage for cats to have milk.

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