Dehydration In Cats: Causes And Symptoms

Dehydration in cats is a common cat problem. Just like humans, cats need water to perform the body's main biological functions. Water is essential to support the functioning of organs such as the digestive system, excretory system and circulatory system. Water also maintains the normal level of electrolytes in the body. Water makes up 80% of the cat's body

. Therefore, your cat needs to have enough water to function normally and stay healthy. You need to pay attention to the cat when the weather is hot because if the cat sweats too much, they will immediately become dehydrated.
Dehydration in cats causes a lot of health problems that owners rarely notice
However, it is important to know the symptoms and causes of dehydration first

Symptoms of dehydration in cats
Dehydration in cats has many different symptoms and it's important to remember these symptoms. Common symptoms of dehydration in cats include:
Lethargy and fatigue
Pay attention to your cat's fatigue. It is a symptom of dehydration.
Gums are dry and sticky
The gums of a healthy cat will be shiny and not dry. However, if your cat is dehydrated, his gums will be dry and sticky.
Normally, cats will never gasp. But if they are panting, they certainly have some health problem

Loss of appetite
Watch your cat eat and drink

. If your cat refuses to eat, start worrying about her health. See also: Causes and handling of lazy cat eating
Anorexia is also one of the signs that cats are lazy to drink water.
Loss of skin elasticity
Dehydration in cats causes the skin to lose its elasticity. There is an easy way to check the elasticity of a cat's skin. Pull the skin between the shoulder blades and check if the skin is elastic at a normal rate. If the skin is elastic more slowly than usual, the cat's body will be dehydrated.
Increased heart rate
An increased heart rate is also a sign of dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, the heart has to work harder to circulate blood, thus increasing the heart rate

Slow capillary filling time
The capillary filling time is a test that helps you assess the cat's blood circulation. You can try it by pressing a finger against the cat's gums. When you press your hand, the cat's gums will turn white but when you release your hand, the gums will turn pink as usual. If your cat's gums take longer to turn pink, it's a sign that the cat is dehydrated.
Water is an indispensable element in the operation of the digestive system. When cats lose water, their intestinal motility will be affected and constipation.
Lack of water often leads to constipation in cats.
The cause of dehydration in cats
Not drinking enough water
This is one of the main causes of dehydration, especially in hot weather

. Make sure your cat drinks enough water throughout the day.
Heat shock
Heat shock is a common cause of dehydration in cats in the summer. Keeping an eye on your cat's water intake and drinking enough water can also protect her from heat stroke.
Vomiting and diarrhea
Vomiting and diarrhea will remove electrolytes and necessary fluids from the body, which will dehydrate your cat.
Diarrhea causes cats to lose a lot of water in the body.
Urinate much
Small pee is an important cause of dehydration but owners often ignore this condition. Many cats may have diabetes or kidney disease.
Researchers have identified three levels of cat dehydration

. Based on this scale, you can identify the health status of your cat and consider consulting with a veterinarian. Dehydration from 0 - 5% is mild, from 5 - 10% is moderate and over 10% is dehydration of cats has become serious.
Treatments for dehydration in cats
There are several simple methods you can follow to improve your cat's health. You need to be willing to take care of cats every time they become dehydrated. Depending on the level of dehydration, you can determine if a cat needs to be taken to a veterinarian. When your cat is severely dehydrated, do not hesitate to take her immediately to check. In this case, the cat will need intravenous fluids and proper care.
In the case of mild dehydration, you need the following:
A bottle of Pedialyte electrolyte water without flavor
1cc dropper
Grinded ice
Canned foods without onions or garlic
Gatorade sports water
You can pump your cat with small cylinders

If your cat is unable to drink water on her own, you can give her a small amount of Pedialyte every ten minutes for an hour. You need to give your cat slowly so that they do not choke. You can then mix some canned food with water and feed it slowly with a dropper. Continue feeding your cat alternating with electrolyte and canned food throughout the day. When the cat is able to eat by itself, you can pour water and Gatorade in a 1: 1 ratio into the bowl to feed the cat.
In addition to providing clean water, the cat's body also needs to restore and balance electrolytes. You can buy these content d.

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