“destroying” How To Make Scratching Paws For Cats Is Less Clear

How to scratch cat paws that not everyone knows. PetshopSaigon.vn will guide you how to make foundation piles from simple materials available at home, does not take too much time, it only takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour that you can finish.
How to make cat scratch piles: Why should scratch paws be used?
Cats often scratch their nails, scratching their nails is not necessarily a bad habit. This is inherently an inherent instinct of them, despite having for hundreds of years, these habits will not go away

Cats have sharp iron claws, not only to hunt and fight enemies but they also have other significant uses such as helping cats relax, relieve stress or mark territories.
Nail claws help cats to relieve the sudden onset of itching.
Some reasons why cats like to scratch their nails:
As we all know, cats are a very clean animal, clawing will help them remove the dead outer layer of the claw, helping nails become sharper

Unlike other animals, cats do not use feces or urine to mark territory because their waste is quite smelling, which can make the edema detect

. That's why cats often scratch their paws to save their scents and mark their territory.
Cats are quite sensitive animals, sometimes stressed. Therefore, scratching the nails will help them to be able to eliminate stress, everyday stress.
Scratching your cat's claw can help him exercise, which will help him extend his body and stretch his muscles very effectively.
Scratching the claws will also help your cat relax his muscles and be more active.
Cat scratching is a cat's instinct, and if you don't give it a proper clawing position, it will scratch regardless of everything from chairs, beds, drapes, carpets or whatever it is. keep an eye on
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How to scratch cat paws: 3 basic steps
How to make cat paw scratches is not too difficult, just a few items available, with the dexterity of your hands is able to create a cat support column for fun all day
don't get bored

The foundation rake can be made by using easy-to-find items around.
Step 1: Prepare items and positions to make foundation rakes
Usually, making a nail rake at home is often very easy to do. First of all, choose the location to scratch the cat, be careful to choose the places where cats often play, do not do in too discreet places cats may not like.
Once you have chosen the appropriate location, proceed to select the pillar, can choose fixed positions such as table legs, chair legs, or a fixed pole with a diameter not too big but definitely be . The best diameter should be 10-15 cm, the most beautiful.
Next is the choice of straps, so choose decorative ropes to make will ensure softness helps cats more easily. Diameter should not choose wire too small or too big, so choose string ranging from 7-8 cups is the most reasonable.
To estimate the length of the wire to buy, you can determine the following formula: Wire length = column height x column circumference x 110%

. However, if you do not have too large foundation scratch pillars, you can buy 1 roll is more than enough for your foundation scratching foundation already.
Prepare other accompanying items: Scissors, wire, glue if needed.
The most important pole is the rope. You should choose good ropes for long-term use.
Step 2: Proceed to implementation
Determine the starting position of the fixed string, so it is reasonable to choose to leave a distance of 3-5 cm from the ground. Use a rope to wrap around the bottom of the pole, then use the steel wire to secure the rope.
Once you've fixed your feet, start wrapping each circle until you reach your desired height, note that when you wrap, hold your hands tightly, not to be loose, because sometimes cats playing quite aggressively can kick out.
Finally, fix the top end of the wire, wrap it with steel

Add scratching posts to some noise-generating objects, or hang cotton toys to catch and stimulate the cat's attention.
Cat scratch posts are an indispensable item for cats.
Step 3: Conduct testing and adjustment
In this step, you need to see how the cat will react to this paw scratch, they really like to play. In case they do not like to play, you should decorate more toys to stimulate their curiosity and attention.
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Notes when making scratch paws for cats
Although the way to make cat scratch paw is not too difficult, but you need to keep in mind the following things to be able to create a beautiful cat scratch paw, attracting cats to play every day.
The position of the paw scratch should be in a place where cats usually play, not in too discreet places that make them lazy to play.
If your home space has many floors, you can make 2 to 3 rake posts to let cats enjoy playing whenever they need it without having to move much.
In case cats do not like to share claws together, it is better to make them separately


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