Detailed Instructions On How To Use Litter For Cats

How to use sanitary cats for cats how is right? Cats' waste is quite foul, and if you do not guide your cat to the toilet properly, it can make you uncomfortable all day because the smell is around.
Many "sen" often use sand to help cats go to the toilet, this way is quite effective to help the cats in the right place, avoiding the bad. So how to use sanitary cats for cats how is reasonable? Check out the article below.
The reason "Sen" should know how to use cat litter for cats
In the wild, cats after cleaning are usually using sand or soft soil to bury manure. They use the feet, sweeping backwards to cover the faeces

It is a habit of the cat's inherent survival instinct, unlike dogs or other animals that often use faeces to mark their territory. Cats often use their paws to scratch and mark the territory.
Cat litter is an indispensable tool for cats

The cat's body has a hard time digesting the amount of food it will tolerate, and the time it takes for a cat to digest all of the food usually takes about 48 hours

. Food left for as long as the body will produce more sulfur, smells very easy to recognize.
Because of their survival instincts, in order to avoid predators, they often use sand or soil to hide their waste, leaving prey unaware that they are living in its hunting grounds.
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Instructions on how to use cat litter
On average, cats use a litter box three to five times a day. That means, this is a very necessary and important item for cats.
Sanitary sand makes cleaning the waste simpler.
The litter box for cats is quite important, but not every "lotus" knows how to use the litter box properly. Sometimes the mistake of choosing a litter box can have consequences like: cats don't go to the toilet in the box, cats often go dirty

Dimension problems when choosing cat litter tray
The choice of a too small cat toilet can make them uncomfortable, uncomfortable in turning and cleaning in the most comfortable way.
A good rule of thumb when choosing a cat litter box is to choose a box that is at least 1.5 times longer than the cat's length from nose to tail base.
Choose a litter box that is slightly larger than a cat to allow it to feel comfortable.
For large cats, if you do not choose to buy a proper toilet tray, you can make a litter box for your cat by carton, then buy sand to put them there. Comfortable and wonderful toilet.
Choose a cat litter for cats
Cats are very sensitive to smell, so you may have problems using heavy scents on them

. Better yet, the way to use cat litter is to choose an unscented sand type to make it comfortable and pleasant. See also: How to buy sanitary sand for cats deodorant well
Always keep the litter box clean for cats
Keep your cat's litter box clean so he or she uses it more often. Stir or add sand as needed. At least once a month, empty the sand from the box, clean it with hot water and unscented soap, and then replace new sand.
Clean the litter box regularly to keep your cat hygienic.
Completely replace the litter box after about 6 months to a year, even if the litter box is new, you should also replace it, because long-term bacteria will accumulate bad for your cat's health.
Choose a cat litter box
Do not place the toilet tray in an empty place, many people will make them feel unnatural when going to the toilet. Put in a quiet position so cats can easily access, away from noisy appliances

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What size and type of toilet tray is suitable for cats?
There are many sanitary trays available today, including self-cleaning boxes, covered boxes or boxes designed to suit every angle.
Regardless of which plan you follow, the most important thing to consider is the size of the box that fits your cat.
If the box is too small, making them uncomfortable, the cat may not want to use it to go to the toilet.
Adult cats should use a large sand tray to help keep them comfortable.
You also need to make sure that the litter box can help your cat easily reach and move. Boxes with low sides are ideal for walls, so older cats or kittens can easily move in and out of the box.
For some cats, will prefer to have a lid. If your cat has a habit of burying deep litter, or digging in strong sand, you should use a lidded box to prevent the sand from spilling onto the floor

Besides, the box has a lid also.

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