Dictionary Of Cat Language

Cat's language is still something that intrigues people. Cats have unique ways of communicating with humans and with other humans or animals. What are all of their behaviors, from the way they move their bodies, the way they look around the room, at you, open or close their eyes, tail placement, standing position or other gestures? That cat wants to convey to humans.
By looking closely at your cat's language, you can understand his mood: from being happy, relaxed to angry, aggressive, agitated or scared.
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. Through this article, you will gain a better understanding of cat language, how cats interact with humans and other animals.
Cats have complex verbal language systems.
When the cat is happy
Cats who are having fun will have a very pleasant and relaxed expression
Their ears will stand up and forward

. The cat's tail will either straighten or relax in a comfortable position. Your cat will stand opposite you and will often turn his head toward you or sometimes raise his neck to be touched or stroked by you. Funny and relaxed cats will often rub their bodies with objects and even howl in excitement.
When the cat wants to be loved
The language of cats when they want to show love to humans will often hover around and wrap around people's feet. Cats want to be cuddled, cared for and attention by the cat or want a snack. Cats also like to scratch their heads on the people they love. It's a kind of "love signal" that involves marking with a special biological scent called pheromone

When the cat is relaxing
Relaxing cats look extremely funny and adorable

. In a relaxed state, they will be less alert to everything. Your cat may hold a round ball to sleep on, or lie on his side to expose his belly. Some cats even relax to the point of raising all four legs in the air while still sleeping soundly. Your cat may also stretch in front of you to show her superiority and trust. Their eyes will then be slightly closed and they may howl. Their bodies are relaxed and not stiff.
When the cat is about to attack
When cats prepare aggressive poses, they are ready to attack other animals or even humans. At that time, the cats will lower their bodies to the ground and their eyes will be extremely focused on the target

. Cat ears flatten and backwards. Their tails will be lowered or raised and the cat's fur will stand up. Some cats will raise their tails and swing back and forth as their excitement increases. There are cats who will be silent, but others will growl and hiss.
When preparing to attack, cats often show claws and ruffled feathers.
When the cat is agitated
The language of cats when they are excited, their body will harden. Cats stretch their legs but their tails may be straight or curved. In general, cats can go from a relaxed state to a stressful state

. Cats can also growl or screech like when preparing to fight. When agitated, cats are more likely to become aggressive or angry.
When the cat is defensive / defensive
The cat will crouch down in a defensive position if the battle takes place. Their ears are pulled back and pressed close to the head. Cat's paws pulled close to his body. Their facial muscles are tense and often show their teeth. If a cat is annoyed, it will also show signs like this.
When the cat is scared
Fearful cats will exhibit an aggressive cat appearance, depending on the level of fear or anger

. The frightened cats will bend their backs and raise their tail feathers. This posture makes their body look larger. There are cats who will bend down and have their feet prepared to prepare to flee if needed. Cat pupils will also dilate to allow them to see and respond better to threats.
When cats are frightened, they will tend to shrink and backward.
When the cat is upset
The language of cats when they are disturbed, their ears will go down and their bodies will be stiff. The tip of the cat's tail may move and the cat will roar slightly. Cats will not pay attention to what is bothering them and will leave

. If you keep petting your cat when it is uncomfortable, you will be scratched or bitten! Other signs that cats are uncomfortable are works called urine stains or scratches on their belongings.
When cats hunt
The predatory sequence for cats is to stalk, pounce, kill, choose parts to eat and eat prey. When the cat is in a hunting position, the cat will move slowly and may stop waiting for the prey. Sometimes they will change their standing position to get ready to run or jump. The cat then lifts its paws and grabs on its prey. When the prey is captured, the cat will quickly kill them with a fatal bite. Then the cat will go to a safe place to enjoy its prey.
When the cat is angry
The language of angry cats resembles cats when frightened

. They will curve.

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