Do Cats Have Periods? Revealing Unknown Unknowns

"Do cats have periods?" or "Why is my cat bleeding?" Always a question of many people. Cats also have mammals, they must have periods, right?
In fact, female cats undergo a monthly cycle, but their "period" is quite different from human menstruation. Some information below will help you better understand the cat period and how you can take care of them better at this stage.
Look for a solution: does the cat menstruate?
Females also have cycles similar to dogs and humans, but these are slightly different. A cat's cycle is often called the heat cycle instead of the menstrual cycle

. However, for cats 2 call this is okay, you do not need to distinguish too clearly where okay!
Cats are menstruating, but the timing of menstruation is different from other mammals.
Cats will have different reproductive cycles than ours. During the breeding age of the cat will undergo four cycles
If the cat is pregnant, it will no longer accept males until two weeks after the kitten is born

. If you are not pregnant, the heat cycle will return every 2-3 weeks.
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Does a menstrual cat have the same oestrus as a cat?
Because cats do not have a menstrual cycle, the estrous period in cats is also seen as normal menstrual cycles like humans and other animals.
The first estrous cycle occurs when the cat reaches sexual maturity, approximately after six months of age. This is a good time for females to mate, ovulate and become pregnant.
Unlike dogs, cats rarely bleed during heat. However, there will be many changes that you may notice in pets during this period.
Cat's menstrual period is accompanied by periods of heat

Cats become extremely demanding, affectionate at this stage, even they can become irritable and destructive

. For example, they urinate on carpets or on any furniture even when no one touches or touches it.
This behavior is not motivated by a desire for revenge, but due to the need to mark the territory, release Hormone and Pheromone in search of a mate. If your cat has no partner, this cycle will continue for about a week and repeat for 3 weeks.
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Does your cat have menstrual periods: symptoms related to heat?
For anyone who has had a cat for a long time will get used to some common symptoms when cats enter menstruation (estrus). Sometimes it is difficult to recognize because these signs are not clearly shown.
Cat's menstrual period is closely related to reproduction, so be aware of it!
Some typical manifestations commonly seen in cats during this period are:
Big scream, or scream. This cry will be different from the meow which it calls everyday.
Roll on the ground

More friendly with people.
Raise the tail more than usual.
Lower the front foot and raise the back.
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Do cats have periods and are they related to pregnancy?
After the menstrual cycle in the cat (estrus), if the cat becomes pregnant, they will start to conceive and no longer have the expression and need to find a partner.
You should pay attention to the cat's pregnancy and menstrual period to promptly react.
Because cats are not like humans, we cannot test or test on the body to know if they are pregnant or not. However, there are some signs that you can tell if your cat is pregnant, such as:
Some cats may have morning sickness during pregnancy, they are less interested in food and sometimes vomiting.
Appetite increases, especially as pregnancy progresses

. This usually starts around the third week of pregnancy. The nutritional needs of pregnant cats will increase gradually, especially close to the time of its birth.
Can notice changes in behavior in your cat, they can become much more affectionate, much cuter than before.
Cats may sleep more.
About 18-21 days, the nipples will become noticeably swollen and pink, this is known as Pink Pinking up.
After three weeks, the cat's belly will become noticeably larger, which you can see through the naked eye.
Around three weeks of pregnancy, the veterinarian will be able to perform an ultrasound on your cat to determine if she is pregnant.
At this time, you can also handle the cat's belly carefully and feel the fetus is developing

. But it is better not to try at home.
In the later stages of pregnancy, cats will find a nest for birth and care for their babies. This will often be a warm, quiet and private place.
The mammary glands (breasts) will start producing milk at the end of pregnancy.
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Should it affect the menstrual period - estrus in cats?
The cat's menstrual cycle (estrus) often happens often, causing cats to exhibit abnormal, sometimes k.

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