Do Cats Like Cuddling?

Unlike other pets, cats don't like being in the human heart, let alone cuddling. So they are quite famous with the nickname "chảnh". Cats only allow you to pet them when they want to.
Why do cats not like to be held?
Hundreds of years ago, the ancestors of today's cats are fierce creatures in the wild. They live in harmony with humans in order to have a place to live through the cold winter days and through constant hunger

. Over time, humans have adopted cats as their pets in the home.
Cats look messy and a little "heartless" but they still love their owners. The way cats show love is quite different from our perspective

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Reasons why cats don't like being hugged
Cats like to be proactive

. Cats will approach you and move closer to you if they want to be cuddled. If you notice your cat wanting to be loved by you, you can give her more love and attention.
Although the behavior of cats has changed over the years, they still have vestige of ancestral DNA. This proves that cats are both prey and predator. Wild cats catch small bugs and rodents; but cats are also eaten by larger predators. When a human swoopes down to hug a cat, the cat will assume that our actions are similar to those of a predator. So cats will respond stressfully when humans want to cuddle
When cats are stressed, they may be ready to fight, run away, or even freeze

Not all cats like being cuddled.
Cats do not like being trapped and restrained. Cats don't like being confined in an empty space. If you want to hold your cat, do not pick him up immediately. Let the cat's feet touch the ground and gently embrace them.
Many cats have very poor stamina. If you hold them for too long, they will struggle to get rid of your arms, even scratching or biting in self-defense. So cuddle them in moderation so they won't get upset

But cats' moods change over time. So in the morning they may let you cuddle and cuddle, but the afternoon comes, howling in anger when you repeat this act of love.
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Do cats hate being hugged?
According to veterinarians, there are many breeds of cats rich in affection and love to be cuddled. One of them is Ragdoll, LaPerm and Burmese cat. They are also called "cat people" because these three cats are very affectionate with humans.
Our little friends show affection in many ways, including making "meow" and rubbing our heads against us. But do cats really embrace ever?
The answer is yes. These furry friends perform the "hug" movement when hunting and playing

. Cats "hug" the target to suppress them. When doing this, the cat will wrap her front paws around the target, kick with her hind leg and bite. Cats will kick and bite lightly if the target is not an opponent or their prey.
However, there are cats who will always find a way to cuddle them.
When should I hug a cat?
Cat hugging has many reasons. Cats mostly cuddle when they want to protect, want to be protected and show affection. In other cases, they hug to catch prey, including "catching" the owner.
Cats cuddle other cats when they want to protect them
Have you ever watched a video of a mother cat holding her kitten? Or a video of old cats cuddling together? The mother cat cuddles or cuddles the baby to comfort and protect them

. Older cats hug each other to warm or protect each other. Cats also consider humans as their parents or siblings. So if you see cats around their necks or arms in fear, they may want protection.
Cat cuddles show affection
A common action that cats do is to bury their head in the owner 's arms, shoulders, ... or you may also see a cat or paw wrapped around his arm and gnawing on your finger. That's how cats show their affection

. Cat haters think that cats without emotions are completely wrong. Each cat has a unique cuddling style. You can find out how your cat shows his affection depending on how he shows his love for them. Therefore, cats are always looking for love and attachment through cuddling.
Sometimes hugging your cat is also a way to help her get closer to her.
Cats "hug" to grab prey
Anyone who has a cat will get used to being scratched by the cat. For example, you are stroking cats and they are hugging your hand. But suddenly, the cat kicked and bit into your arm! At that time you might think the cat hates me

. But this behavior is not related to love but hate is the instinct of cats left from their ancestors.
Cats think you will be the one who can help them "hone" their hunting skills so sesame.

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