Do Dogs Sweat?

As a dog breeder, many times you may find your dog panting when it's hot. But do dogs really sweat like humans do? Dogs sweat, but sweating plays only a small part of the dog's body cooling mechanism.
How do dogs sweat?
You never see your dog sweating because he only produces sweat on certain parts of his body. Dogs have two types of sweat glands: merocrine glands and apocrine glands.
The merocrine sweat gland works similarly to the human sweat glands

. These glands are located in the dog's foot pads. When it's hot, these glands will activate and cool the dog's body. This is why you can see the dog's footprint on the ground on extremely hot days
Because the dog's body is covered in thick fur, if sweat glands are located on their body, the sweat cannot evaporate

. So the sweat glands located on the dog's foot pads will be more effective because the area has less hair.
The apocrine sweat glands are different from the merocrine glands. While veterinarians call this the sweat gland, the purpose of the apocrine is to release pheromones, not cool the dog. These glands are located throughout the dog's body, helping the dog identify other dogs through scent.
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Dog gasping for what?
Sweat plays a very small role in the cooling mechanism of the dog's body. Dogs almost rely on panting to control their body temperature. When the dog gasps for breath, moisture from the tongue, nasal passages and lungs lining up, cooling the dog's body as it passes through moist tissue

Dogs also rely on vasodilation to cool down the body

. Vasodilation is an expansion of blood vessels, especially in the ears and face of dogs. As blood vessels dilate, they bring hot blood closer to the skin's surface to cool down. The blood is then sent back to the heart to help regulate the dog's body temperature.
Panting is a way to help your dog cool itself.
Does the coat make dogs hot?
Dog fur acts as an insulator. Dr. Jerry Klein explains that dogs' fur will warm them in the winter and cool their bodies in the summer.
"That is why you should not shave off dogs with two coats of fur

. Their inner coat shed more but also the fur used to insulate the dog's body. If that coat is removed , dogs are prone to sunstroke, messy hair growth and vulnerability to hair follicles. "
The dog's fur is supposed to keep the dog's body warm.
Heat shock dog
Unfortunately, the methods of cooling listed above can sometimes be ineffective. When the weather is too harsh, dogs are prone to stress and exhaustion.
Heat shock is a serious threat to dogs. Dr. Klein warns that this situation is particularly dangerous for short-headed dog breeds such as Pug, Boxers, Bull, French Bull and Boston Terriers

. Due to the special skull structure, these dogs cannot cool themselves down like other dogs. Dogs with a history of heat stroke, obese or dark-haired dogs are at a higher risk of heat stroke.
Heat shock occurs when the dog's body temperature rises too high, and if not treated promptly, heat shock can kill the dog. Dog owners should be aware of the following signs of heat stroke:
Heavy body, tired breathing
Body temperature above 41 degrees Celsius (may feel hot to touch the dog)
Drooling too much
Bright red gums
Fast or irregular heartbeat
Loss of consciousness
Impaired coordination
If you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke or heat stress, get the dog out of the heat and call your veterinarian right away. You should take your dog to the clinic immediately, but first, you can flush or cool a wet towel on the dog to cool down. Do not allow dog head to stick to water. You can also give your dog cool water.
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Cool ways for dogs
We can't stop our pets from sweating but can help them regulate their body temperature by controlling their environment. If your dog is active outdoors, keep him in a shade and let him drink enough clean water. Also, monitor indoor temperatures to make sure your home is cool enough for dogs. Never leave a dog alone in a closed car - even for a few minutes - because the temperature in the car can quickly climb to dangerous levels.
Do not exercise your dog when it is very hot outside - instead do it early in the morning or at the end of the day. You can also use a cooling coat for dogs so they feel comfortable in hot weather.
By using these helpful methods, you can cool down your dog to keep them healthy and safe in the hot summer. Through the article


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