Does A Dog With Vomiting Refrain From Life Threatening?

Anorexia dog is a common case when you take care of your pet and most are not life-threatening. Regardless of the dog's age, digestive problems in dogs can always occur. You must be very careful and note the symptoms when your dog is vomiting to eat to be able to make an accurate diagnosis. So what causes dogs to stop eating and vomiting, which illnesses are dangerous and how to treat dogs with vomiting? Let's find out.
Causes and symptoms of dogs with vomiting do not eat
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The phenomenon of dog vomiting is anorexia when the dog food is pushed out of the body under the impact, spasms of the stomach muscles

. This is a normal case that is not cause for concern if the cause is a change in diet or a dog accidentally swallowing the object. Usually, dogs vomit food to help their bodies eliminate unwanted objects. However, things will become more serious once you find them less active, giving up the dog tired and vomiting with blood or white or yellow fluid
The following cases of dog refusal to eat are situations that can endanger the dog's life

Puppies stop eating and vomiting
A dog with anorexia can occur at any age of the dog. However, the age that dogs are most likely to encounter is the puppies that are 4-5 months old. Because they are puppies, their immune system or digestive system structure is still very weak and incomplete, which is susceptible to indigestible foods as well as the intestinal bacteria. Harm like parvo, care or other dangerous parasites.
However, one of the benign causes of puppy refusal to eat and vomit is the side effect of deworming. This is a normal reaction for dogs that are sensitive to drugs. However, if after 24 hours, the phenomenon of puppies refusing to eat and vomiting continues, you should take them to the veterinarian to check the baby's health

You should take your dog to the doctor if his dog is vomiting more than 24 hours in a row

Dogs do not vomit when they grow up
The object is stuck in the dog's throat or stomach
This situation is often very easy to be caught by greedy dogs. While eating, they may have swallowed large pieces of food or may have broken bones or fish bones that they could not crush. These can get stuck in the throat or down the dog's stomach, making them uncomfortable and trying to vomit. Therefore, every time a dog swallows an object, you will see it trying to open its mouth wide, the abdominal muscles contract extremely hard to vomit continuously to eliminate the foreign object. This causes damage to the dog's diaphragm as well as the area of the dog's throat that makes them very painful.
For puppies, when they are very young, it is absolutely not advisable to feed them with hard bones because at this point, the dog's teeth are still not strong enough and strong enough to crush the bones, leading to them will swallow this piece of food clogging up. Puppies also refuse to eat and vomit also often due to inappropriate feeding from the owner.
If your dog vomits anorexia and is accompanied by white foam, you can easily see if they have an abnormality on their neck by looking at the dog's mouth to check and help them to remove it

. However, if they have passed the stomach, you should bring your dog to the vet immediately for help.
One of the causes of vomiting in a dog is the strangeness of the neck.
Dog with intestinal disease
When you find a dog with anorexia with vomiting or yellow foam, the chance of him having a bowel disease is very high. If your dog has a bowel disease, you will probably see signs of sadness, less running and often lying in one place. In the early stages, the dog vomits and refuses to eat at a very high frequency from 4 to 10 times a day and moves outside very painful. When it comes to this dangerous disease, there are many causes and the most dangerous is the intestinal disease caused by parasites and viruses which can mention two common types that you need to consider are: Parvo and Care.
Dogs with Parvo disease
Parvo is a serious disease and there is currently no specific treatment for dogs caused by the Parvovirus strain. The virus is mainly spread by contact with infected dogs or faeces that contain the pathogen

. Once they enter the pet's body, they begin to travel to the blood cells and the lining of the small intestine, disrupting the structure there, causing intestinal disorders as well as a significant life-threatening puppy later.
The most common manifestation in dogs with Parvo disease is vomiting of food, prolonged diarrhea accompanied by high fever and dark, abnormal odor.
Although this is a serious disease, you can still prevent it by having your baby vaccinated against the virus from a baby. In addition, if detected, treated promptly and properly cared for, it also helps improve the success rate as well as the ability to survive..

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