Does Your Dog Drink Too Much Water?

Does your dog drink too much water? Water is an extremely important part for all cells, organs and functional tissues, and drinking clean, clean water is essential to the good health of both humans and dogs. The veterinarian thinks one of the questions they hear most often is, "Can a dog drink too much water?" The answer is yes, and drinking too much water can be a sign of disturbing underlying pathology.
How much water does a dog need to drink?
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The amount of water needed for each dog per day depends on breed and size, as well as external factors like the type of food they consume. The general rule is that for every 1 kg of body the dog needs to drink 20 to 40 mL of water. Therefore, a 9kg dog needs to drink 3 to 4 glasses of water a day

Factors that affect the water consumption of dogs
There are several causes for dog water consumption per day, including:
Dog dry food - Water accounts for approximately 15% to 30% of the dog's dry food ingredients, while canned foods have 50% to 75% water. Dogs that eat dry food will drink more water to maintain their moisture.
Exercise and physical activity - Active dogs often drink more water

Weather conditions - Spring and summer and high temperatures often make dogs hot enough to pant, which helps them regulate body temperature, but ultimately leads to dehydration

Treatment - Some treatments can increase your dog's ability to absorb water. Diuretics such as furosemide (commonly known as lasix) or steroids (such as prednisone) significantly increase dog water consumption.
Background - Some conditions can make your dog thirsty and drink more water such as diabetes, Cushing's syndrome, cancer, diarrhea, fever or kidney disease. These diseases will cause your dog to lose water faster than normal healthy dogs. It is a chronic form of dehydration, which can occur slowly over several days and is at risk of recurrence.
>>> READ MORE: TOP BEST ARTICLES ABOUT DOGS <<< Dogs with sore eyes do? How to cut nails for dogs does not hurt Dog loses its hair: Causes & Treatment What to feed puppies to grow healthy? Why adjust the water intake of dogs? When your dog drinks too much water, it is important that the water is clean and fresh. Water from swimming pools, oceans, or rivers can be very dirty with many harmful bacteria, poisonous mushrooms, or high amounts of salt, which is not good for moisturizing a healthy dog
One way you can control what your dog drinks is what is on the leash when the dog is out

. You can also fence the yard if conditions permit, regularly controlling the amount of stagnant water and other water sources that you think are not clean.
You can get your dog to drink more water by using a dog dispenser, buy an extra bowl of water, or sprinkle a chicken-like flavor into his bowl.
So what is the recommended amount of dog water?
If your dog is active, active, but if exposed to high temperatures or humidity or dehydrated, they may need more water than usual. The dog's drinking bowl should be cleaned at least every two weeks and should be large enough to hold the water needed for one to two days.
You should order a bowl of clear water and a foreign bowl, and remember to check the cleanliness of both bowls. If you have a lot of dogs or cats, you need more than just a bowl of water in your home.
Although the water looks clean, there is a potential for contamination by pesticides, parasites, or bacteria. Parasites and bacteria often appear in ponds, lakes, or small puddles of water

. An example of a waterborne disease is leptospirosis, a bacterium that causes liver and kidney disease.
Another potentially harmful thing in the outside water is cyanobacteria. They are often found in stagnant puddles at the end of summer or early autumn, even a small amount will make your dog sick. The symptoms of cyanosis usually start with bad signs of the digestive tract, such as vomiting or diarrhea.
Some good advice
If your dog is dehydrated or thirsty, don't wait until symptoms appear. Fill their bowls with water when you see the water in the bowl go down. The best way to prevent and treat this dehydration is to make sure your dog drinks plenty of clean water at all times.
If you suspect your dog is drinking more water than usual, looks less active, active, and / or doesn't drink water, even worse than dehydration does not improve, see your veterinarian

. Do not limit the amount of water they drink or keep them from drinking, because dehydration can make them very sick. Even if the condition is not treated, dogs can suffer organ failure leading to death.
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