Dog Deodorant Shower Gel “top” Is Most Popular?

Dog deodorant baths are often the first solution owners keep looking for when their dog smells. However, the odor sometimes is not natural and appears. Discover the root cause and the best deodorant tips not just for puppies, but also for household objects.
Find out why your dog needs to use deodorant shower gel
Is there a time to play when the owner notices the body odor emanating from the puppy? Has your baby ever licked and scratched his body to the point of bleeding? Despite being "washed" regularly with deodorant shower gel for dogs but dogs still smell body. So there's a high chance the dog is getting irritated with the food and has Candida tinea

Candida is a fungus that usually lurks on dog skin and grows by absorbing sugar through the skin. If left unchecked, Candida can cause symptoms such as itching, redness, inflammation and body odor.
This characteristic odor is most common in the toes, armpits, around the ears, neck and groin area
In addition, the dogs still crawled from the carpet to the bed, causing odors to settle all over the house

Candida is an annoying disease for puppies.
In fact, research shows that allergies to food are often associated with the growth of Candida. When signs of skin disease are present, a dog deodorant will only be a temporary "perfume" for babies.
To know what your dog is allergic to, the owner should go to the vet for more inspection and advice. After changing the type of food, the baby's skin condition will improve significantly and after the week, the symptoms of irritation will completely disappear.
Of course, "prevention is better than cure", the dog-raising team should refer to the dog deodorant baths with the following tips to confidently play with your dog!
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How to eliminate dog odor from the outside environment?
The outside environment here is the living space of love dogs and lotuses. To prevent as well as eliminate odors, owners should create a habit of vacuuming dog hair in every corner of the house and washing items that dogs love or contact such as blankets, pillows, sofas, carpets

If not cleaned, the dog will be very smelly.
Here are two quick laundry recipes to help the team of dogs deodorize at home:
1 - 2 boxes of baking soda + 1 bottle of apple cider vinegar
Washing liquid + 60mL of apple cider vinegar
There are also deodorant products for dogs on the market, but the effect is not necessarily better than the above formulas. As for carpets, beds and other non-washable items, the owner tried the following steps:
Sprinkle baking soda powder on the surface of utensils
Use the brush to spread the powder evenly over the surface of the fabric and leave it overnight
Use a vacuum to remove all baking soda particles from the appliance - That's it!
Always try to get rid of the smell before washing, if not, the final product will be a combo of dog and soap smells - Not fragrant!
When puppies are sweet, they will feel happier and more excited.
However, the smell of dogs is quite specific, so the home odor treatment may not work as expected. Ideally, the dog-raising association should still rely on a team of carpet cleaners, beds, ..

. to help me.
If you want to use deodorant sprays, don't forget to choose pet-friendly products. There are many room sprays and scents that are safe for humans but harmful to dog health. Therefore, if you are not sure, baking soda is still the best solution that every pet team should trust.
But, any problem should be thoroughly solved from the root. In addition to the dog deodorant bath products, the dog's team should immediately "pocket" the following super-simple tips.
3 simple tips to help eliminate dog odor from inside
Avoid poor quality foods
Yes, say goodbye to poor quality foods right away. Although the dog has evolved over time and become a domestic pet, the diet is still part of the predatory system

. They need a high protein content and very few vegetables (including seeds and grains).
In fact, pet food containing cereals and soybeans is popular for its low price - Don't be fooled because these ingredients are hard to digest. When ingested unnatural, poor quality food, the dog's digestive system will have to constantly flush toxins out, causing the body to always have an unpleasant odor. Worse, poor quality foods will cause dogs to suffer from related diseases such as diarrhea, nausea, and refusal to eat.
Some foods can make puppies smell better.
So, if a person uses a dog deodorant bath but finds his dog's smell coming back very quickly, the chances are that dog food is not suitable.
On the contrary, if you eat good quality food, your dog will always smell good and you do not need to bathe them too often. Not to mention, good food also helps


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