Dog Shampoo: Choose To Buy And Note The Use

Dog shampoo is an indispensable item because unlike cats, puppies have special odor glands. If you don't bathe your dog carefully, your baby will have an unpleasant odor. See also: Should there be a squeezing gland for dogs?
This is the reason that choosing dog shampoo is a concern. Along learn ways to buy shower gel and note the use!
Should we replace dog shower gel with shampoo?
Nowadays, in order to save money on dog bath milk, some owners are very keen to use their own shampoo as an alternative to dog soap

. Should I? Is bathing the dog with shampoo safe for their puppies? The answer is yes.
The skin of giving is very different from our human skin. Each type of dog bath products or human shampoos are formulated to suit the skin structure of each organism
The human scalp's coat is quite acidic and falls around pH = 5

.5 - 6.0 while the acidic oil covering the skin of dogs has a very low pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.5. Of course, temporary bathing your dog with shampoo is somehow acceptable but only used in emergencies, for example, if the dog's home runs out of dog shower gel, it should not be used regularly.
Therefore, bathing dogs with shampoos in place of dog bath shampoos is not recommended regularly by veterinarians because they can change the texture of dog skin, facilitating easy penetration of parasitic bacteria, virus harmful. See also: Dangerous parasites in dogs
In addition, dog products should not contain eucalyptus, lavender, or chamomile essential oils as they can cause localized chemical skin burns on your dog

When raising a dog, you need to wash them regularly to remove parasites and deodorize the dog's odor

Choosing to buy dog shower gel
Interested in skin properties
Before choosing a dog shower gel, you should also consider your dog's skin type and skin structure to choose a suitable dog oil for your dog. Similar to humans, dogs have two basic skin types: dry skin and sensitive skin.
If your dog has dry skin, you should choose to give your puppy a highly moisturizing dog bath oil. Usually, to provide skin with a certain amount of moisture, the main moisturizing ingredient used in most dog baths is jojoba oil or oat extract with a soothing mother-like substance that helps dog skin recover. Moisture required.
For puppies with sensitive skin, products made from nature or without artificial colors and scents will always be the first choice of dog owners. Because this dog soap will minimize the chemical irritability of the skin as other common dog shower gel. Currently, there are many products specifically for puppies with sensitive skin, so to be more safe for your dog, you should consult your veterinarian about your dog's skin composition

. Dog irritation materials to choose a suitable dog wash.
Dog skin is very different from human skin, so puppy shower gel also has different ingredients than our shower gel.
Grooming of dogs
Choose a dog shower gel based on the texture of your coat
Dogs are one of the most diverse pets. There are boys and girls wearing thick, fluffy fur, even their outer coat has up to 2 layers of warm fur and there are also some girls who wear thin, soft fur. . Therefore, to take care of the appearance of your pet thoroughly, attentively, choosing a suitable dog shower gel is an indispensable thing.
For dogs with thick fur such as Bern mountain dogs, German shepherd dogs or even petite Pomeranian dogs with very high requirements in the stage of bathing. You should use dog shampoos that are easy to penetrate through each layer of hair, make gentle cleansing, contain many conditioning agents that facilitate the grooming of thick and thick hairs

. .
For dogs with thinner fur, easier to see underneath like Chihuahua, Basenji, and Vizslas, they need a dog-designed shower gel. The best thin-haired dog bath soap will be formulated with a special formula that helps to condition the skin, remove dirt appropriately, easily rinsed off with water without any soap residue Anything that stays on the skin causes irritation.
When showering, you need to rinse often to remove any soap that remains on the dog's fur.
Choose dog and shower gel that matches your coat color
For some typical white-haired dogs such as Samoyed, White Poodle, Husky or Alaska, caring for them is not easy. So, you choose the dog bath products that in the formula have a combination of brightening agents, whitening and maintaining the smooth, white shine for the baby's fur.
On a side note, no matter how different your dog's thick coat texture,.

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