Dog Shedding: Summary Of Causes And Treatment

Dog hair loss makes you worry about losing sleep. Everywhere you see dog hairs are lingering. You have applied many measures but still not effective. So let's find out the root cause of dog hair loss to handle promptly.
Dogs lose their hair due to the moult cycle
In dogs, hair loss can be considered a normal physiological phenomenon

. Each shedding will signal a new stage of dog growth.
For the, when preparing to enter the estrus period. Ie 6-8 months old they will begin to molt
Then a new wave of hair appears every 2-3 months

Shedding is a very natural phenomenon for furry animals.
But for males, it is difficult to confirm the exact time for this. They will change all year round, not too much each fall.
However, if you see a pet shed fur in patches or show signs of itchiness, there are many acne spots on the skin, then the dog will have hair loss. Need to find out the cause and take timely remedies.
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Dog gets hair loss due to allergies
Symptoms: Dogs are tired, itchy, skin has many red spots, pustules, watery skin makes dogs skinny, tired.
Dogs are often very hyperactive
They like to go into the bushes to explore, so the likelihood of being infected with a flea dog is very high

. The parasite attaches itself to the dog's fur, enters the skin and bites making the dog itch uncomfortably. Worse, when they parasitize pets will suck blood, which will make the hair fall out in clumps. Makes pet skin red, rough, scaly.
Allergies are also one of the reasons hair loss is high.
In addition, dogs may be allergic due to inappropriate use of dog bath gels. In particular, there are many owners who often take a shower gel or shampoo to bathe dogs and cats without knowing that in human products, very high pH will damage the skin and fur of pets. These are very basic mistakes and many people make.
If your dog is depressed due to a parasitic infection, it is necessary to clear the bushes around the house

. Because they are home to bacteria, mites, dogs and fleas.
Always clean and clean the pet, bathe weekly. Pet lair should be cleaned daily so that dog lice have no shelter and grow.
When dogs show signs of infection with ticks or fleas. You need to use special medicine. These drugs are very popular in the market. Find out and buy pet bath products to take care of them more effectively.
🔶 How to maintain a smooth coat and healthy skin for dogs
Dogs lose their fur due to Cushing's disease
Symptoms: Dog thirsty, urinate more quickly, hunger, skin bruising, tired body

. On the skin appears many blackheads, hair loss.
Cushing's disease, if not treated promptly, will affect the beautiful coat of the dog.
Cushing's disease, also known as hormone disorder in dogs. When the body has excess Cortisol, or when dogs take high doses of Corticosteroids for a long time for the purpose of treating allergies, the immune system of pets will accidentally cause dogs to have Cushing's disease.
As stated above, when a dog is suspected of being Cushing. Need to immediately stop using drugs and take pets to see a veterinarian for timely diagnosis and testing. Absolutely do not use or inject drugs not prescribed by a doctor for pets.
Dog has genetic hair loss
If the mother or father dog suffers from a lot of hair loss, then the baby's life is likely to carry this recessive gene

The process of breeding for subsequent generations with the dominant gene sometimes unintentionally creates undesirable traits. Typically, the dogs are furry, patchy and furry.
Some dogs are directly influenced by the recessive gene and their feathers shed a lot.
Solution: If you do not want to own a dog with very little hair loss or hair loss. When breeding, choose for them to breed with a thick, smooth coat.
Chó How is the dog's dog fur stinking?
Dogs lose their fur due to friction
Symptoms: A lot of hair loss at the place where the dog is usually located.
Dogs that are sedentary or lying down very easily lose their hair due to friction.
Cause: Usually happens to dogs that are raised in a home, are sedentary, prefer to lie in a place causing obesity

How to handle: Should let pets walk, exercise daily to the body more balanced. In addition, the diet also affects the weight of the dog. You can choose the types of dry food that are made for pets to help stabilize your pet's physique.
Dogs lose their hair due to lack of nutrients
Symptom: A skinny skinny dog, physically weak. Hair loss is much, frequent shedding.
Due to lack of nutrients, the hairs are weak and brittle.
Cause: Dogs do not eat enough to lack the body's important vitamins. As a result, the dog's coat is not shiny, the skin is dry and leads to hair loss

You need to take care of pets with litters.

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