Dog Sprays In The Right Place: How Bad?

Sprays for dogs to go to the toilet in the right place is an effective solution, helping dogs to be active in their behavior, avoid dogs going to the toilet everywhere, causing unhygienic. The bigger the dog, the harder it is to change bad habits. Therefore, train your dog early so that he can form a good habit, owner. Find out immediately with!
Why should dog sprays be used in the right place?
Dogs are wild animals, often have a habit of marking territories with pepper water

. If you see them often going to the toilet everywhere, do not rush to fight, or scold them.
When your dog defecates in the wrong place, don't scold him.
However, although it is instinctive, we can completely train the dog to go to the toilet in the right place, avoiding the case of dogs walking everywhere, causing unpleasant odors

Scolding or punishing a dog can sometimes be ineffective, because the dog does not understand what the owner is fighting them for

. Therefore, using dog sprays in the right place is an effective way to help owners can train dogs to defecate in the place without having to scold or punish.
Using a training spray can take time and patience
Using dog sprays is based on the dog's sense of smell, stimulating and attracting dogs to urinate exactly where you want them. Usually, it takes an average of 4-5 days after using the spray, dogs can gradually form a habit.
This will depend on each breed and how you apply that time may increase.
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How to use dog sprays in the right place
Before using the dog toilet spray in the right place, you need to consider the location of your home space. For apartment or tubular houses, toilets are the best place for dogs to go to the toilet.
Conversely, if you have more space, you can choose a tight corner in the garden and start training dogs

Should train your baby in a few places to avoid distractions

At the beginning of training, dogs are often quite lazy and do not want to move to a new urinal. At this time, it will take quite a bit of time for you to water them in the desired urination. The proper time for dogs to urinate is after a meal, after playing ...
In some dogs, sometimes it can be difficult to get used to urinating in the right place, the time of dog training can be longer, now you need perseverance and patience, not to scold dogs, need to give them time to adjust to this.
During the training period, if the dog goes to the bathroom in the right place, then give him a reward, to reward him and encourage him more.
Choose dog sprays in the right place
The choice of dog sprays in the right place will depend on many factors, depending on the circumstances and your own desire that you can choose the right spray

. Here are some ways you can choose to choose a dog hygiene spray.
There are many different types of toilet sprays, so indoor and outdoor sprays will vary, so choose the right one to achieve the desired effect.
Choose sprays according to location
Position is the first factor that you need to consider before buying dog hygiene spray. Typically, outdoor sprays can be used both inside and outside the house, but for indoor sprays, you can only use them indoors.
You should pay attention to the spray position to help the product work best.
Choose the smell of spray water
The smell of dog sprays will be different types, for cheap sprays the scent will dissolve faster than genuine sprays from the US and South Korea. Therefore, you should not be cheap ham but choose the type of spray "phony" just takes time but does not work.
Do not choose the smell too strong, affecting the health of the owner

Notes when using spray water
People often say "cheap is mine" indeed, this statement is completely not wrong. There have been many cases of owners using cheap sprays, spray everywhere, running out of bottles but dogs still can not go to the toilet in the right place.
Therefore, do not be cheap ham owner, always choose genuine sprays, with clear origins to be effective when used offline.
Choose to buy genuine products to avoid loss of money.
In addition, cheap sprays are often made from harmful chemicals, if used too much, it affects the health of your pet and affects your family members.
Dog sprays in the right place is one of the methods to train dogs to go to the toilet in the right place that many owners have successfully applied. You should try to persevere in implementation to achieve the desired effect offline.
100% IMPORT - SAFE to use


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