Dogs Change Teeth: Signs Of Identification And How To Prepare

A toothless dog is a natural and completely normal part of any dog's development. However, in the process, we also need to be aware to intervene promptly in the event of a problem tooth replacement. Let's learn about the signs when dogs change teeth to see what we need to prepare
Dogs change teeth and things to know
How many teeth does the dog have? How to identify extremely easy wisdom
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As we all know that dogs also have milk teeth, permanent teeth and tooth replacement process just like humans. However, dogs are pets, so the process of replacing their teeth will also have health problems and we have to be diligent in observing that their replacement process is going smoothly and does not affect health.
Do dogs change teeth?
With the question of whether or not the dog has changed teeth, the answer is yes

. A puppy that begins to grow baby teeth is 3 to 4 weeks old with small, sharp teeth. However, at this stage, they cannot eat anything but breast milk, so they only have canine teeth and incisors but no inner molars.
When mature, the dog will also replace teeth to have strong jaws

How many teeth does the dog have?
We are often curious how many teeth do dogs and how many months do they usually grow? These questions not only give us more knowledge about your dog, but also know the stages of dog growth and replacement

Typically, a dog will have about the first 28 teeth in the period from 1 month to 4 months of age, including 14 in the upper jaw and 14 in the lower jaw. Then the milk teeth gradually fell out and replaced them with 42 permanent teeth, including the upper and lower molars to be able to eat solid foods.
The time it takes for a dog to replace a tooth from a permanent tooth is usually 8 months and some dogs may take longer depending on the dog's diet, care and location.
Keeping your dog's teeth clean will also help your baby eat and drink more comfortably.
What are the signs when a dog has a tooth change?
When dogs change their teeth, they will also have certain physical manifestations that we need to capture to know the health status of your dog as well as examination if abnormal problems. So, what are the signs when a tooth is replaced by a dog?
Anorexia or refusal to eat: This is a sign that we can identify most easily when the dog changes teeth. Most dogs who change from permanent teeth to permanent teeth will have gum pain
Therefore, they do not want to eat but eat less than usual

. Let's take a look, if the dog is eating normally and spontaneously eating less or skipping meals, watch the baby's mouth to see if any teeth are being replaced.
Lazy eating is also a cause of toothache and does not want to eat much.
Gnaw on the objects they find: The replacement from permanent teeth to your puppy will upset your dog as adult teeth grow through the gums. So they often look for hard objects to chew to ease the pain.
These are the two most simple and easily recognizable signs when a new teething dog is known to the naked eye. And when our puppies change their teeth, what do we need to prepare?
What to prepare when the dog changes teeth
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT THE CATCH <<< Can dogs eat duck eggs? How to wear a simple dog bib Dogs with sore eyes do? Why do dogs lose their hair? A tooth replacement is more than 4 months old, so we need to grasp this milestone and start observing signs in dogs. Although this process will be natural and simple, we need to prepare a few things to support our dog so that the process of tooth replacement takes place quickly and reduces pain. Firstly, this is the time when their gums are in pain, so we need to replace hard foods with soft foods to make them easier to chew

. Switch from dry to wet foods or feed your dog a pate to get the protein you need.
Second, it is necessary to supplement calcium during new teething. You can give your dog milk if your baby is anorexic and refuses to eat during this period so that the dog is not deficient and the teething process takes place more quickly.
During this time, you should feed your dog soft foods and drink milk to improve health.
Thirdly, prepare dogs for some dog supplies and toys for them to gnaw during the tooth replacement process to reduce soreness in the gums. However, it should be noted that these toys need to be purchased at reputable pet stores to ensure the health of your dog as well as note to buy the right size with teeth and mouth for them to gnaw easily. easy.
Lastly, it is important to observe the teeth of the dog regularly to see if the baby teeth are completely removed for permanent tooth replacement

. If both the primary and permanent teeth are parallel, take the dog to the vet to intervene..

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