Dogs That Eat Raw Meat: Things You Should Know!

Dogs that eat raw meat have long been the subject of debate among many breeders around the world. A series of announcements, feedbacks and warnings were issued in 2019 regarding live pet feeding. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a few warnings about dog food, targeting specific companies and the existence of harmful bacteria in these foods.
The reason for issuing these warnings is that the test results showed the presence of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes - two extremely dangerous bacteria that cause even death in humans and animals. Several products from each company are tested against samples containing these bacteria

Raw meat is a favorite food among puppies.
While some companies and their customers have mixed opinions on FDA research (and in some cases, even refusing to respond to the product), the incident has raised important doubts. the light
First, let's start with why humans feed dogs raw meat

Maybe you do not know!
Today, the trend of modern dog breeding has changed a lot compared to the past. Many owners have equipped themselves with knowledge about nutrition and learn many different food sources (from raw food, homemade to dry food for dogs).
Most of the ideas are that dog food today ensures the dog's nutritional needs as well as being safe to avoid the growth of bacteria, worm eggs, tapeworms or food allergies. . Therefore, many owners have changed their diets with canned dry nuts or pate to ensure nutrition and food safety.
Why do people feed dogs raw meat?
Is feeding a duck egg good? Do dogs eat raw chicken eggs dangerous?
Signs identify dogs with intestinal disease How to measure the temperature of the dog properly?
The general mentality of feeding dogs raw meat is because the raw material that our pet ate before being domesticated and the development of animal food production took place. Evidence of this suggests that pets are more prone to digestive disorders because they were not eating cooked or ready-to-eat foods hundreds of years ago

The process of producing animal food has also been questioned, in particular, the addition of toxic additives and ingredients to add flavor and preserve food

. Another reason why we should eat raw food is that pet food now includes a lot of unnecessary ingredients, such as additives, poultry powder, rancid oils and fats, and many ingredients that are not used in other human food products.
Raw meat can be dangerous to your dog if not handled properly.
In addition, live dog food is thought to be more nutritious for them than pet food is not. While both sides argue extremely fiercely (the food side and the "whatever" faction) there are obvious facts that you need to know.
Should dogs eat raw meat?
>>> LEARN MORE: TOP OF ARTICLES OR SOME OF THE OLD <<< What do dogs do with itching scratching and bleeding? All disabilities on diarrhea in dogs Why do dogs get hot in person? What do puppies eat to be healthy? Whether or not you agree with the view that feeding raw dogs is dangerous, it's important to understand that there are certain types of bacteria - and not just normal bacteria, but they are extremely dangerous. - found in many types of raw food tested. Their existence in those categories also means they are present in the others. The U

.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) once recommended that people review their buying habits and warn buyers to dispose and sanitize the surfaces that were exposed.
When feeding your dog raw meat, it is important to understand that because it is raw, there is no guarantee that it will not harm your pet. The same applies to processed foods. But when the warnings are raised, the owner must really scrutinize. Some people believe that live food - regardless of the accidental potential of harmful bacteria - is acceptable because dogs, cats and other animals have survived thousands of years of hunting and gathering. and their location has adapted to this diet.
Depending on the taste of each dog, whether raw meat is good or not

On the other hand, those who do not support the sectarian view that animal food on the market today is actually better because they contain more nutrients. And when a dog breeder is tired of balancing his pet, commercial food is readily available, they can provide adequate nutrition for your dog.
It is worth noting that dog-made food is also safe for humans. In recent dog food warnings, very n.

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