Dogs With Colds: Causes, Signs, And Treatment

Cold dogs are one of the most common illnesses currently on your dog. Although the disease is not too dangerous, if you do not know how to treat it promptly, it will affect the health and resistance of your dog. Let's reveal the causes and treatments for dogs suffering from colds.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< Dog's runny nose do? How to identify dogs is very good Why does your dog have weak hind legs? Signs for teething, tooth replacement Dog cold cause why? Cause dogs have a cold Puppies are an animal, so when they are sick, have a cold or are ill they cannot tell us. Especially with the weather in the North of our country with quite cold and cold winters, puppies are very susceptible to colds

. Dogs with colds often come from many different causes but we can list some common causes as follows: First, the dog's barn is located in a windy place like in the yard or in humid places, which causes the night temperature to be quite low, making the dog susceptible to colds. Dogs outside the ground are also more likely to cause a baby to catch a cold due to soil contamination. Secondly, puppies have a cold because we do not know how to clean the dog, let the dog bath many times a day or bathe the dog in cold weather but do not perform dry cleaning or drying for dogs after bathing
See also: How to bathe properly for puppies Third, dogs catch colds because they are often kept in pens but do not clean the pens

. The cages are always in a wet condition that causes dogs to catch colds as well as allowing bacteria to enter the baby's body,
Wednesday, dogs suffer from colds due to weather changes. This is the case for dogs that live in warm weather but suddenly move to a cold climate. The sudden change in habitat makes your dog unable to adapt, resulting in a cold.
Fifth, puppies with a cold are more common than adult dogs. Because puppies are not really well developed, their resistance is quite weak.
Signs when a dog has a cold
When a dog catches a cold, it is usually clear and specific. So, just by observing and observing, we can notice the following signs when dogs are sick or cold:
Dogs with runny nose, frequent sneezing or a dry cough

Dogs are lazy to eat than usual and often crouched in a corner

The dog was shaking and cold cowered.
Dog gets tired, refuses to eat and vomits, low body temperature
Dogs eat less or even stop eating even though the dogs used to eat normally.
From the outside, we can see that the dog's ears are drooping, trembling and there are upright, dirty hairs. See also: A handbook for mating dogs
Puppy with a cold will make her always in a tired state.
When your dog has a cold, you care and stroked the dog will not enjoy and rejoice as usual and you see your baby vomiting blood or prolonged diarrhea then quickly take the dog to the veterinary facility to be See you soon.
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How to treat a cold dog like?
Dogs with colds are not very dangerous pathologies but if we are subjective and do not treat them promptly, they will lead to heart failure and death.
So in the case of puppies with colds, how should we treat them properly?
Firstly, warm the baby's abode. You can put more towels underneath and crank fabric around your baby's barn to avoid drafts

. Besides, you can light a yellow light bulb in the baby's pen to keep the cage always warm and warm the body.
Second, give your dog perilla leaf juice or some thin ginger juice. Perilla and ginger are one of the top comfort foods and are very benign, not harmful to your baby's health.
Perilla is always the herb used more to treat colds for pets.
Feed the dog all the nutrients and supplements of Vitamin B and Vitamin C for the baby. Dogs with colds often anorexic, so cook your baby porridge and puree food to cook with porridge for your baby.
If you have done the above and the condition of the cold has not improved, you should quickly bring the dog to the prestigious veterinary hospital to be examined and given medicine for your baby.
A few notes to help dogs avoid colds
As we still say prevention is better than cure so in order to keep your dog from catching a cold we need to pay attention to the following:
Leave your baby's pen in a cool place in the summer, but in the winter you should choose a dry and warm place

In the cold weather, you should put a mattress for the dog as well as add dog clothes to keep the baby's body warm.
Do not bathe too many times for your baby in the winter and after bathing should be dried the whole body.
Provide adequate nutrients in the daily diet to increase resistance to the baby.
Get the baby vaccinations fully as recommended by the vet. See also: These saved.

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