Dogs With Ear Infections: Causes And Thorough Treatment

Dogs suffering from ear infections are quite common nowadays and according to statistics, about 20% of dogs suffer from this disease. Although not a very serious disease, but making the dog tired for a long time will cause anorexia and weight loss. So what causes dogs to get ear infections? Treatment like? Let's reveal it.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< What is a dog rash? The simplest way to clean dog ears Should there be a squeeze for the dog? Dog breath smell is what disease? Dog ear infections from any cause? The ear is the most important part of a dog's body. Thanks to the excellent hearing, the dog can hear and detect abnormalities to alert when someone enters your home

. However, we do not pay much attention to this part of the dog and do not pay attention to the hygiene problem that causes dogs to have ear infections and affect their daily activities and eating. An ear infection will always make your dog uncomfortable because of the itchy pain but cannot scratch. What causes dogs with ear infections? Firstly, dogs have ear infections caused by parasites, also known as lice or ticks
The lice have somehow attacked and invaded, clinging to the ears causing dogs to have swollen ears causing discomfort and itching

. Some dogs often use their feet to scratch or scratch. As a result, dogs get ear infections worse and cause bleeding.
Secondly, dogs have bacterial ear infections. Due to changing weather or inadequate hygiene, some yeast bacteria like Malassezia pachydermatis can cause infections and ear infections.
Third, dirt and water build up for a long time is also one of the causes of ear infections in dogs.
Close-up of dog ears with severe inflammation due to poor hygiene.
What are the symptoms when a dog has an ear infection?
Watching your dog regularly, especially checking his ears will help us know if his dog is having pus in his ears

Usually an ear infection in the dog will have the following symptoms:
Dogs are constantly scratching their ears with their feet because they are itchy and uncomfortable
Dogs with ear rot and pusy, unpleasant pus

Dogs with swelling of the ears, redness in the mucosa and the ears
The dog lies in one place and appears tired, lazy to exercise
Dogs eat less than usual and crouch in a corner or dogs become more aggressive than usual.
An ear infection causes the dog to be tired and does not want to do anything but sit outside.
Although dog ear infections are not dangerous to the dog's life, if they are not detected and treated in time, the dog will be fussy and picky, the weight will decrease and the resistance will be reduced. .
Not to mention that dogs with ear rot also cause unpleasant odors for those around and affect the health of everyone in the family.
How is dog's ear infection treated thoroughly?
To know if your dog has ear infections, let's take a look at the above signs of ear infections or take dogs to veterinary hospitals for otoscopy and detection.
To thoroughly treat dogs with ear infections, we need to rely on what causes them to have ear infections to have suitable treatments.
If your dog has ear infections due to parasites and bacteria, take him to the vet for an appropriate prescription from a veterinarian

When an ear infection occurs, we need to keep the dog clean daily with dog ear drops specifically designed to remove the dirt that has accumulated in the dog's ears.
Dog ear drops should be purchased at a veterinary hospital or pet store to get the right quality and price. See more: The best selling ear cleaning solution today
You should clean your dog's ears once a week with specialized ear cleaning solutions.
In addition, treating ear infections for dogs indispensable is a reasonable diet, science to ensure that the dog is supplemented with necessary nutrients and antibodies to help the body be healthy and increase resistance. .
Always keep the dog's body clean, especially if the ears or hair are sticky, so you need to trim and clean the dog after bathing so that bacteria cannot hide in the ear.
Prevention is better than cure, so in the process of raising and taking care of dogs we need to regularly prick the ears to check to see if the baby has parasites or lice attack or not and should clean the cage , a clean place for babies to create the most ideal living environment for puppies.
And finally, when detecting a dog with ear infections should not arbitrarily buy miscellaneous drugs for your baby to drink but should take him to the veterinary hospital to get the best treatment and the best way

The above is to reveal the causes of dog ear infections and timely treatment that would like to introduce to you. Hopefully, with our helpful sharing, we have helped dog owners to understand more about dog diseases and how to take care and treat them appropriately. And if you have any other questions about dog ear infections please call for advice.
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