Dogs With Ear Infections: Causes, Signs, Treatment, Prevention

Dogs with ear infections are quite common. Ear infection is a serious chronic disease that causes extremely painful dogs. Veterinarians believe that the cause for dogs that do not get rid of ear infections may be due to dogs suffering from another type of infection. In this article, we will explore the causes, symptoms and treatments of dogs suffering from ear infections.
Signs of dog ear infections
Dog ears are not like human ears, but are more complex

. Clean, healthy dog ears will be pink and have no unpleasant odor. When the ear is inflamed or infected, the dog will shake its head more than usual, scratching it or rubbing its head to the floor. At that time, the infected ear canal will be red and may have an unpleasant odor

There are two basic types of dog ear disease: chronic ear infections and ear infections

. Untreated inflammation will lead to infection. If the dog's ears are red, swollen or itchy but have little or no discharge, the dog may be suffering from ear infections. However, if one or more of these symptoms are accompanied by a discharge - the dog may have an ear infection.
When not hygienic, the dog's ears will become very inflamed.
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Causes of dogs with ear infections
The most common reason dogs get ear infections is an allergy to something in their habitat.
An allergic dog will be itchy and uncomfortable. So, if this is the cause of an ear infection, the dog will scratch itch by rubbing his head on furniture, floor mats, scratching his ears or shaking his head a lot
If you notice that your dog has these behaviors, check his dog's ears for redness and swelling

Another cause of this condition is moisture in the ears. Wet ear canal and warm body temperature will be the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply and infect dog ears. Therefore, it is important to dry your dog's ears after they have been exposed to water such as bathing, swimming or rain.
Close up of inflamed ear area in puppy.
The third reason dogs can get ear infections is the buildup of earwax. Earwax is very normal, but not every dog has the same amount of wax. Some children will have more, some children will have less wax. Therefore, there are dogs that need to clean their ears every day, but there are others that will need to lie dormant for their owners to take earwax for

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What's more, there are some breeds of dogs that have less wax than others, but regardless of which dog breed you have, it's best to pay attention to the hygiene of your pet's ears since they were babies.
Other possible causes include a dog's ear foreign object (such as a foxtail) and a narrowing of the ear canal. When the ear is so badly infected that the infection, the dog's outer ear canal is affected. When the ear infection recurs (or doesn't go away completely), then the dog has a chronic ear infection.
Ear infections always make dogs feel uncomfortable.
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Types of ear infections in dogs
If your dog is diagnosed with an ear infection, it is important to determine whether the infection is caused by bacteria or fungi or both, which will provide the most effective treatment. A common cause of ear infections in dogs is yeast. Yeasts are always present on animals, but when the immune system is weakened, fungi can grow out of control and cause infections

. Dogs are susceptible to yeast infections, so it is important to clean your ears and keep them dry.
Bacterial ear infections are a common cause of dogs suffering from this condition. There are two types of bacteria in the body of every animal: beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria.
Beneficial bacteria are non-pathogenic bacteria, they are normal staphs in the dog's body. But if good bacteria grow out of control, they can infect dogs if the immune system is weak. Harmful bacteria are bacteria that cause disease. They enter the dog's body from outside sources such as contaminated pond water or rancid food.
You should also have your dog regularly checked for regular ears

The veterinarian will diagnose a dog with an ear infection by looking at the stain in the ear debris under a microscope. However, it is best to use ear cultures to correctly diagnose bacteria. The veterinarian will pick up the dog's ears and send the sample to the lab and determine which microorganisms are present, which in turn will provide the appropriate and effective treatment.
Make sure your dog has ear infections to take all of the prescribed medication, even if the dog is almost h.

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