Dogs With Intestinal Diseases: Signs And Remedies

Dogs with intestinal disease are common in many pets. According to a scientific study, more than 60% of sufferers have gastrointestinal problems. Bowel disease is one of the extremely dangerous diseases and has a very high risk of death. Therefore, it is essential to learn the signs and ways to treat intestinal problems for our dogs.
Maybe you do not know
One of the most common causes of intestinal dogs is food

. This is especially the case for dogs that regularly eat raw or rotten food.
This is why dry dog food appears. This is a product that helps to completely eliminate viruses and bacteria that cause harm to the intestines, as well as help support the health of the baby's digestive system

If you love your dog and want to give your baby a nutritious meal, in addition to cooking the food daily, you should also feed him more dry seeds to limit him from food poisoning or digestive infections

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Causes of dogs with intestinal disease
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The causes of digestive disorders or intestinal diseases will often come from the food that babies eat. Foods that can upset the digestive system and cause dogs with intestinal illnesses are often seen as non-dog foods (our daily meals), rancid foods, junk or strange items.
In addition, the cause of these diseases in dogs can come from external factors such as bacteria, viruses or allergies to certain foods.
Common types of viruses, bacteria causing intestinal diseases in dogs
Parvovirus: This is a highly lethal virus for dogs, especially Rottweilers, American Pit Bull Terrier, Doberman Pinschers, English Springer Spaniels and German Shepherds with a higher likelihood of infection. The virus is usually transmitted directly when our dog friends come into contact with other infected dogs or stool containing germs.
Indirect transmission through contaminated faeces is possible because the virus is capable of living in the faeces until 3 weeks after the animal is infected
The virus, after entering the pet's body, begins to spread widely and penetrates through the tissue producing blood cells, especially the lining of the small intestine

. The disease becomes more serious when the virus has access to damaged blood and tissues.
Bacteria: The common bacteria that cause dogs to have intestinal diseases is Salmonella or E.coli.
Salmonella and E.coli are the two bacteria causing the most serious consequences on the intestinal tract of dogs, especially puppies when the immune system and digestive system are not yet complete.
Although E.coli is a benign bacterium, sometimes considered a probiotic, but for, the puppy's digestive system is weak or some babies do not have the mother's "colostrum" immune membrane is very susceptible to infections, especially E.coli, making the dog's risk of Parvovirus intestinal disease more serious

Many species of Salmonella can cause gastrointestinal disease. Salmonella infection can cause serious blood poisoning (blood infection) or enteritis. The bacteria will often be associated with infections and other diseases in adult dogs and puppies. Moreover, the likelihood of miscarriage in pregnant dogs will be many times higher.
Therefore, the choice of early and appropriate treatment according to the instructions of a physician is essential to prevent blood poisoning and the stronger effects of bacteria, especially potentially intestinal bacteria. antibiotic resistance, negative effects on the health and digestive system of dogs.
External factors
In addition to microorganisms, poor living conditions can also cause dogs to suffer from intestinal disease. What makes the owner concerned is the habitat, especially the dog's food source, of quality assurance or not?
Food sources are often the main cause of dog bowel diseases

Long-term exposure to dog food can lead to spoilage, spoilage and an ideal growth environment for some toxic molds, bacteria, and parasites that cause gastrointestinal diseases and intestinal tract in pets.
In addition, when the pet is over fed, it will lead to an overabundance of food in the pet's digestive system. Food when not digested in time is one of the main causes of intestinal diseases in humans as well as in dogs.
In addition, an excessively greasy diet makes it difficult for indigestion in pets, especially dogs.
In addition, many dogs are very sensitive to sudden food changes and lead to diarrhea and other digestive problems. Therefore, to minimize the possibility of making your dog suffer from intestinal diseases, the owner needs to be concerned.

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