Dogs With Sore Eyes: All Causes And Solutions

Dogs with sore eyes make you feel worried about your dog's health. Pet eyes are always bloodshot and watery. You are confused as to how to cure your dog's disease. Stay calm and find out the cause of dog sore eyes to handle promptly. Here is some useful information for you

Conjunctivitis causes eye pain in dogs
Conjunctivitis, also known as pinkeye, is an eye infection caused by foreign objects, drugs, chemicals, or insects that enter the eyes. Damage to the cornea causes inflammation, which can cause swollen eyes, watery eyes, and eye irritation.
There are 2 main causes of conjunctivitis in dogs
The first reason can be attributed to external factors such as dirt or chemicals that directly touch the cornea of the dog, causing the dog's eyes to react and cause redness, drooping

The phenomenon of excessive drooping is a sign that the dog's eyes are having problems.
The second cause is less common, but it is quite dangerous for the eyes of the dog. This is when the conjunctiva becomes inflamed due to fog or ultraviolet rays directly into the eye, hurting the dog's cornea.
Untreated conjunctivitis can damage the cornea, which in the long run can cause blindness.
Use a clean towel to clean the eye area for dogs. Use eye drops 2 times a day to relieve pain and inflammation.
You can buy eye drops to help support your dog's treatment

You should get hair trimming scissors around the eyes if they are long and entangled

. Because it is possible that the unclean, clean hair in the eye is the cause of pinkeye.
Mild conjunctivitis can be quickly cured, but in severe cases it will be dangerous for the pet. So you need to bring your dog to see a veterinarian for timely diagnosis and treatment.
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Eyelashes cause eye pain in dogs
Eyelash entanglement is a common genetic symptom in dogs. Eyelid entanglement occurs when the puppy's eyelashes are unevenly grown and tend to turn inward, stabbing into the cornea, causing eye pain and inflammation for a long time.
Eyelashes are an inherited disease in dogs.
This disease has an external treatment that is daily cleaning the eye area, small physiological saline dripping, trimming ingrown hairs so that the dog does not feel entangled and uncomfortable.
Because it is a genetic disease, there is no definitive cure

. It is best to bring your dog to see a veterinarian for timely intervention, to avoid unwanted risks.
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Dogs with sore eyes caused by corneal dryness
This is a type of disorder of the tear glands in dogs. For some reason, tears do not produce enough to lubricate the entire eye, causing the cornea and conjunctiva to dry out, depriving it of necessary moisture. Gradually cause inflammation.
The disease usually occurs in dogs with bulging eyes, small bodies like the Beijing poodle, dwarf dogs, small dogs, snub-nosed dogs, Bulldogs. Dry eye disease in dogs if not treated promptly will lead to blindness.
Corneal dryness is a common condition in dogs with poor fitness.
Keep your pet's eyes clean

. Use artificial tears to make your dog's eyes. This is like a moisturizing water that makes them feel good. Note before eye drops need to clean the eye area with a clean towel gently.
Dogs with sore eyes due to glaucoma
Glaucoma is also known as blue-eye disease. In the simplest way, glaucoma happens when your dog's eyes are under too much pressure, causing insufficient fluid from the eye and limiting his ability to regulate his eyes.
With this disease, the pupil often enlarges, the cornea is blue, the vision is poor or astigmatism. The disease causes many tears to flow, swelling, in the long term, the vision gradually disappears due to the damage of the nerve is not restored.
There are many causes of diseases such as eye infections, accidents, tumors or congenital

. Glaucoma also often occurs with certain dog breeds such as Samoyed, Chinese Chow Chow or Siberian dog.
Breeds with drooping eyelids often have glaucoma.
This is a very dangerous disease in puppies, so as soon as you discover your dog has the above symptoms. Bring your baby right to the veterinary center. Clinical diagnosis will be made by eye pressure tests, ECG scans and ECG tests to check eye performance indicators.
In mild cases, the dog will be treated with medications to reduce the pressure on the eye. If worse, surgical measures will be intervened in time to avoid lasting consequences for the dog.
Dogs with sore eyes due to tumors in the eyes
Sometimes dogs may have unwanted eye defects such as dreaming eyes, lumps, excess meat in the eye sockets

. This is due to inflammation of the lacrimal glands or eyelids causing the flesh to bulge. Leftover meat is not only less aesthetic but also entangled, difficult to observe.
Take your dog to see a veterinarian for the best treatment. Th.

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