Dry Food For Cats: 3 “super Delicious” Recipes For Fastidious Bosses

"Dry cat food is not really good" - a common misconception among farmers. Discover "secret" recipes from a US dietitian and "quick" recipes for cats.
2 myths about dry food for cats many farmers often misunderstand
Myth 1: Dry food for cats is not really good for "boss"
Not so right! Whether or not your cat's food is good depends on whether it is dry or wet, homemade or pre-made, which is important in the amount of nutrients in the food.
Cats eat nuts that will help provide enough nutrients necessary for body development.
Self-cooking is not necessarily good, because if you do not know about nutritional standards, cat food will more or less lack the necessary nutrients

. Not to mention there are quite a variety of lotus materials that babies eat will be very dangerous.
Similarly, if the owner chooses to buy dry or wet food, but the content is unreasonable, of unknown origin, it can cause many cat diseases such as fatty liver, bladder stones, .

Myth 2: I can feed my cat any type of dry food
This claim is not accurate in many respects. It is true that dry food can provide the nutrients necessary for cats' daily activities. However, not all foods are suitable because depending on age, how to breed, breed cats, habitat, ... owners should choose the right kind of seeds.
For example, cats raised indoors are more likely to be obese and diabetic because they eat more and are less physically active
Therefore, indoor cat food must be high in protein and low in carbs

There are many types of cat seeds, suitable for the purpose of each family.
Especially in Vietnam, when the boss's main area is in the house, the sen should immediately find the Royal Canin Indoor product line - genuine, famous French brand properly.
For special cases such as excessive hair loss, farmers should pay attention to choose dry foods with digestive support function to help digestion of hair in the stomach better.
So what if the lotus does not find or buy the above cat food? Look immediately at the nutrient content on the package to be able to make an accurate decision.
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Handbook for choosing short-haired British cats
What kind of good dry cat food?
Reveal how to choose dry cat food from US dietitians
The first trick is to immediately mark products that are not clearly listed and originated from the cat food list. This is the "qualifying" criterion that any lotus should follow.
When buying cat food, be sure to read the ingredients and nutrition rates carefully.
The second trick is to carefully read the ingredients on the package to determine how good the percentage of nutrients in cat food is

. If this is not clear, the owner can refer to the formula below to better understand the proper diet for cats:
Calories in cat food =% protein +% fat +% carbohydrates = 100%
Protein - protein (> 50% of calories): By nature, cats are hunting breeds so good quality cat food should have a high protein content from animals (not plants). Unlike humans and other breeds that only use protein to build muscle and develop tissue, cats have the ability to burn protein into energy for daily activities. In general, the higher the protein content of cat food, the better.
Carb (<1 - 2% of calories): The more carbs consumed, the higher the likelihood that your beloved boss will have diabetes - basically because cats aren't designed to consume carbs. Of course, the above percentages are ideal only when farmers decide to cook by themselves. Dry cat food on the market today is still considered good when the percentage of carbs under 15%, and less than 10% for cats with diabetes. Fat (20% - 40% of calories): According to the above formula, when the percentage of protein decreases, the percentage of fat or carbs increases. When standing between these two options, the owner should choose fat because at least our cats can still convert fat into energy

. However, their liver is quite weak for this process so cats are very susceptible to fatty liver.
Cats with enough calories will have better health than their peers.
Water: helps your cat maintain his body temperature, eliminate toxins, digest well, ... However, there are still many lotuss mistakenly believe that cats need less water just because they rarely see them drinking. This is very wrong - cats "lick" water many times a day. Maybe because cats are extremely thirsty, so when they forget to pour water, they endure it

. Therefore, when the owner chooses dry food for cats, the water supply next to it is exhausted.
Phosphorus: The percentage of this substance in cat food is as low as possible because this is the cause of kidney disease in cats.
Once you have grasped the percentage of necessary nutrition in cat food, it is considered that the team loves Boss has gone 3/4 of the way. Where is the remaining 1/4? It is in the processing stage.
Why dry cat food needs to be processed?
Can mix dry food with other foods to increase cat's taste.
Correction with a cat raising team l.

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