Early Warning Signs Of Cat Diabetes (diabetes)

A diabetic cat is a disease that is less often heard or heard. However, do you sometimes notice changes in your cat's behavior or behavior? For example, did Cat just lie idly on a warm sofa instead of being vivacious as before or drink so much water that it was alarming? If so, your beloved pet may already have diabetes. According to statistics, 1 in 230 cats is infected; Diabetes is also common in older cats and has problems with weight or diet.
Maybe you do not know!
For normal cats, weight control is the main way to prevent diabetes. With an abundance of food and hard to control, if your cat is obese, the risk of diabetes will also increase

To control weight, in addition to tightening diets, farmers need to feed your cat dry foods that can limit weight, to help cats have good health and limit the risk of urination. Street.
>>> READ MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR TIPS <<< How to fatten a lazy cat to eat successfully Cat vomiting: Causes and Treatment What to feed the cat to fluffy? Do cats have periods? Summary of diabetes types in cats Diabetes (diabetes) consists of two common types, namely type I diabetes and type II diabetes
Both can have different causes, symptoms and treatment regimens

. Type I diabetes occurs because the body produces insulin deficiency, which is often associated with pancreatic damage. Type II diabetes involves a cat's inability to respond to insulin, usually caused by overweight or an unbalanced diet. This type of diabetes is more common in overweight and sedentary cats.
Diabetes is not only a common disease in humans, but also in cats.
Unlike type I diabetes, cats with type II diabetes must not only be treated with insulin injections but also must manage their diet, exercise and use other weight management methods. It is also possible that your cat's diabetes is temporary, meaning that with insulin injections and a change in diet, cats will be able to recover. The best thing is that you should have your cat examined and have clinical tests to find out the cause of diabetes

Early signs of cats with diabetes
Some common signs of diabetes in cats include:
Increase frequency of urination and increase the amount of urine in the toilet bowl
More thirst and / or appetite
Poor physical condition, including sticky hair
Weakness, especially in the hind legs
Lose weight, although eating is normal or craving more
If your cat urinates often it could be a sign of diabetes

How to diagnose cats with diabetes?
When a veterinarian diagnoses a cat with diabetes, he or she may perform any of the tests listed below to determine the underlying cause of your pet's hyperglycemia.
Biochemical analysis of blood and whole blood count test (CBC).
Abdominal ultrasound if pancreatitis is suspected.
Serum biochemical analysis to determine blood glucose levels and rule out other potential causes associated with pet symptoms.
Urine tests to check for the presence of glucose, ketones and signs of a urinary tract infection.
Check ketones in urine and serum
Set up electrolytic boards to follow the cat's reaction for treatment.
Track weight
The glucose test is the most common test to check the sugars in the cat.
How to choose a treatment for a diabetic cat
Treatment options will vary depending on the individual cat's symptoms, needs and treatment plan

. Be sure to consult a physician before performing any home remedies. Be sure to confirm whether your cat has diabetes and heed your doctor's advice about pharmacological treatment, exercise, and dieting.
Inject insulin and take medicine
Usually, cats will need insulin injections twice daily, based on the size and severity of the disease. Use a needle to inject insulin under the skin: you can do this at home if and only if your veterinarian has authorized it and your cat is used to the procedure. You can also take oral hypoglycemic agents if your cat's pancreas still does not produce insulin, but is less effective than injections.
One of the ways to help reduce diabetes is to inject insulin.
Weight management
A nutritious diet (preferably high in protein and low in carbs) and proper exercise can help control type II diabetes in cats. Specialized foods can also help control your pet's daily calories, plus blood and urine tests to track their condition

Make sure your cat's blood sugar level is safe to avoid diabetes, but hospitalization and hospitalization can be a problem. The only way to cut costs when treating illnesses.

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