Experience Raising Cats For First-time Pet Owners

The experience of keeping cats shared by people who have had pets is valuable information for new cats. Cat farming is an important decision for you and your pet. Whether you are thinking about raising a cat or just taking your first baby home, this article will be of great help to you. Through these 11 tips, you will have more useful information to avoid "surprise" in the first time caring for these adorable furry friends!
Experience raising cats when buying utensils
Raising cats is like raising children. However, when you have a cat, you will buy a litter box instead of a baby changing table

Before you take your cat home, you also need to prepare a lot of things for your cat to feel warm and familiar with the new home. Be well prepared to reduce stress for yourself and your pets.
The following items are required when you have a cat:
Toilet for cats
Cat hygiene for cats
Cat comb
Shower gel for cats
Food bowls
Cat scratching device
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Experience raising cats when preparing accommodation
"Safe room" does not mean a separate room but can be an empty wardrobe, a corner of your privacy bedroom or a rarely used room
The important thing is that the place where cats get the cozy feeling of the roof so they can comfortably rest

. When your cat first gets home, he or she will want to avoid socializing with the outside world, so don't be too eager to introduce your cat to family members or other creatures you raise. Instead, let the cat naturally explore the place, as long as you keep an eye on the cat to make sure he doesn't accidentally go to dangerous places. Cats will take a few days to a week or more to adjust to the new habitat, so let things slowly go on.
Experience in raising cats to avoid cat breaking things
In addition to shopping for essential things and preparing a cat shelter, you need to prepare what you need to keep your house from cat disturbance.
You can fend off areas where cats are banned from fencing, blocking doors and buying cat litter sprays - especially furniture. Of course, these methods only need to be used when the cat is home. After living at home for a while and getting used to training, cats can get rid of their previous bad habits

In addition, you also need to buy a cat claw to give the cat a place to "scratch" it when the cat is itchy

. Equipping a cat scratch table also restricts cats from scratching household furniture.
Experience raising cats when bringing cats home
By the day you bring your cat home, be prepared for everything. While family members may be excited about the new friend's presence, don't make this a big deal. Cats are more likely to be stressed if more than one person is paying attention to them, especially if your home has hyperactive children.
Let the cat go to the vet for the first time
Experience in raising cats is that you need to take your baby to the vet as soon as possible for health checks and vaccinations to prevent disease. The first visit to the vet is a very important event. You need to ensure your cat's health by having him / her vaccinated and tested for immunodeficiency virus in cats (FIV), feline leukemia virus (FeLV) if cats have not been vaccinated before. In addition, if your cat has been fully vaccinated, you should make an appointment with your doctor for routine checkups - especially when the cat is at sterilization

Understand the cat's diet
The diet of cats when they are born will set the stage for their health later. Therefore, you need to have knowledge of how to feed your cat to ensure that your cat has a long life and good health. See also: How to determine a cat's lifespan
Although cats' ancestors were desert creatures, they still needed to drink fresh water - especially if they ate dry food.
Make sure you read the cat food label carefully to see what you are feeding your cat. Sometimes you should consolidate your knowledge to make sure you still give your cat safe and healthy food. Reading product labels can also become a good habit in your life.
Clean water is also an important factor for good health. You should give your cat enough clean water

Clean the litter box and take care of your cat's sleep
Besides food and water, a litter box is also an important item for cat comfort and health. The experience of keeping a cat is that if you clean the litter box for your cat, you will never have to worry about cats littering or the smell of their "products" coming up.
Another big issue you should think about is where your cat will sleep. Will the cat sleep with you, sleeping in a separate bed or both? Think carefully because the new home habits will follow the cat for a long time and will be difficult to change.
Meet the needs of scratching the cat
The scraping of nails also q.

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