Experience Raising Dogs With 9 Useful Tips

Dog experience will determine if a dog is healthy or not, then the owner can be happy. But dogs have a much shorter life span than humans. So dogs need good health to have a happy life. In addition to taking care of your dog, you also need to take your dog for regular checkups. However, examination and treatment can cost a lot of money

. Therefore, to have a lot of experience in raising dogs, taking care of your dogs healthy and minimizing the cost of medical examination, follow these 9 helpful tips:
Groom your dog regularly
Depending on the breed you are keeping, they may have one or two coats. The breed with two coats is St. Bernard, Husky Sibir and even smaller breeds like Phop squirrel
The outer coat will be longer and smoother while the inner coat will be shorter and coarser

. The inner coat protects dogs from extreme environmental temperatures and the outer coat prevents dirt. Therefore, the experience of keeping a dog is not to shave for dogs with two coats of hair at times that are too hot or too cold.
Grooming a lot helps your dog have a healthy coat.
Besides, dogs shed a lot. Even short-haired and "hypoallergenic" dogs can suffer hair loss. Brushing your dog regularly every week will help remove excess hair and reduce hair loss.
Dogs often shed their hair twice a year - in the spring and autumn when the weather begins to change
If your dog sheds too much, you can try giving him some anti-shedding foods because his dog may be due to a nutritional deficiency

Grooming is one of the best dog-raising experiences that can detect skin problems such as flea bites, parasites or skin bumps. Some dogs, such as the Weimaraner, are prone to fatty tumors - they may look harmless, but these tumors can also be a sign of serious illness.
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Give your dog a healthy diet
There are some people who make their own dog food at home, some use commercially available foods. There is no fixed diet for any breed, so all you can do is rely on your dog's age and current condition to choose the right diet.
You also need to pay attention to the amount of dog food. The experience of keeping a dog is that large dogs need more food than small dogs. Some dogs with large chest cavities are prone to bloating and bloating if eaten too quickly. If not treated immediately, this condition can be deadly

Different dog breeds will have different nutritional needs.
In addition to food, dogs also need to drink enough water. Most dog owners often use "automatic drinking bowls" to allow the dog to drink at all times. But plastic bowls contain more bacteria than stainless steel bowls, so wash your water and food bowls with dishwashing liquid at least once a week. If your dog has acne on the chin, it is a sign that the food bowl, their water needs to be cleaned.
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Do not give your dog leftovers
As a dog breeder, you will probably want to pet your dog by feeding your dog food or leftovers. But this is not good for dogs at all. If you do not know, there are many familiar foods that can be toxic to dogs such as chocolate, grapes, onions and some nuts

. The xylitol present in sweets is also toxic to dogs. Peanut butter and gum are also not responsible for poisoning dogs.
Leftovers contain lots of bacteria that are bad for your dog's digestive system.
In addition, according to many people 's experience of raising dogs, dogs tend to be more obese. Being overweight can cause serious health problems or shorten the life of your pet. Arthritis, heart disease and depression are just a few of the dozens of dog diseases that can be caused if you feed them your leftovers or overfeed them.
If your dog is overweight, you should contact your veterinarian for recommendations on your dog's diet.
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Exercise daily
Many dogs need to exercise at least an hour a day to stay happy and healthy

. Without adequate exercise, the dog will bite or become aggressive.
How long a dog needs to exercise depends on its breed, its age and its health. Swimming is also a rewarding physical activity for dogs. But you must always wear a dog's life jacket to keep it safe - even if they can swim so well.
Exercise helps reduce bone disease in dogs.
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Dogs also need brushing
Dogs can suffer from dental diseases like humans. Experienced dog raising of many experts said that dental disease can cause heart disease for dogs. You can clean teeth for dogs in professional veterinary clinics, but daily brushing for dogs is still essential

. Choose cream type r.

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