First Aid For Wounded Dogs

Bites (caused by other animals) are a common type of injury in dogs; In fact, this is the main reason dogs have to go to a veterinary clinic. Usually dogs bite each other but cats or some other wild animals can also bite dogs. Mild to severe bites can form open wounds that damage both the outside and inside of the skin.
The bite may form a large hole or tear. The skin surface may be smooth, scratched or scratched depending on the cause

Depending on the depth and the force of the bite, soft tissues and underlying structures can be significantly damaged. Not only can the skin be punctured or torn, but the muscles, tendons, nerves and blood vessels below can also be damaged. The bite may be on the surface of the skin or even tear deep into the chest or abdomen, to the point of breaking the bone inside

Bites are often more dangerous than cuts because a dog's bite is often more difficult to diagnose

There are bites that look nothing, but they cause serious, even life-threatening problems. Example of a small dog being attacked by an older dog. Initially, the small dog only had a puncture in the skin, but that puncture deep into the chest cavity and abdomen made it pneumothorax, moreover damaged both kidneys and intestines. Fortunately, the little dog can survive if receiving timely and intensive medical care.
In this case, the external lesions are nothing compared to the internal injuries that may occur. You should not look through the wound and think it is not serious, but it is serious! Therefore, all bitten dogs should see a veterinarian.
Injuries from a small bite can only cause skin damage or surface abrasions
Deeper or stronger bites can cause serious damage to the underlying structures and even life-threatening

Some deep wounds or even sensitive parts like the face will affect the life of the dog.
In addition, bites are very dirty and often require good cleaning and antibiotics. Sometimes, lesions below the wound may take some time to appear. For example, injuries to subcutaneous fat and muscles appear hours or days after the initial injury; In that case, dogs often have to visit a veterinarian many times and sometimes have to undergo surgery or wound examination.
In this article, we will focus on what you can do at home to minimize injury to dogs.
>>> SEE MORE: TOP ARTICLES OR ABOUT DOGS <<< How to identify smart dog simple 7 simple steps to brush your dog properly Handbook for shedding dogs need to know! What is the most feared dog? Why do dogs get bitten? Dog bites can be due to many reasons. Animals often fight the first time they meet. Other causes may stem from dominance, hierarchy, food disputes, attention from owners or occupation of territories

. Your dog may be the victim or the culprit but the end result is injuries.
How to treat dog wounds at home
The specific treatments for bites depend on their degree and depth. It is difficult to offer helpful advice online or by phone if the level of injury is unknown. The best thing you should do is take your dog to the vet.
If you cannot take the dog to the clinic immediately, you may be able to provide first aid for the dog's wounds:
Carefully examine the depth, amount of bleeding and other signs of injury. Dogs can hurt, so be especially careful if you don't want to be bitten.
If the wound is bleeding, grab a clean washcloth and press firmly against it.
If the injury is minor (not serious), you can cut the hair around the wound

. Be careful not to get the fur on the dog's wounds. After that, you can use sterile KY gel to protect the wound after cutting the hair. The coat will stick to the gel instead of the dog's wound.
Check the severity of the wound. If it's deep (for example, deeper than the thickness of the skin), and bleeds a lot or a few centimeters deep, see your veterinarian. Such deep bites need intensive inspection and often need stitches.
If you cannot see the dog, clean the area with warm water. Wash the wound thoroughly but do not wash too much water

. If there is a syringe, inject water and spray it on the wound. The purpose of this action is to use water pressure to wash away the debris and stain from the wound.
You can use water pressure from the syringe / syringe to clean the cut for your dog.
Water or salt water are ingredients available to clean the wound. Farmers often wonder if they can use peroxide or other cleaning methods. Peroxide only cleans superficial wounds and should not be used with deep or subcutaneous wounds. In addition, Peroxide should only be used once as they will reduce wound healing time. Moreover, you must not use peroxide in the dog's neck or head, it can cause eye damage if accidentally accidentally entered your dog's eye in


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