French Bull Dog Food: A Nutrition Guide For Newbies

What is special for the French Bull dog food that the lotus needs to be mindful of? Although the French Bull is a very approachable dog, it is not approachable and easy to take care of. Immediately update the "core" information that every French Bull dog owner needs to know.
Why is it so important to choose French dog food?
8x - 9x Association who did not know the cartoon "Sailor Popeye" once stormed. If Sinbad's character is tall and muscular, the English Bulldog is a small but muscular sailor, Popeye is a typical French Bull.
However, like the Popeye sailor, who gains strength after eating spinach, choosing the right food for French Bull dogs plays a very important role, directly affecting the physique, as well as the health of the breed

. this.
French Bulls need their own food to ensure the growth of their body, especially the muscle groups.
So, how the body ratio is considered "balanced"? The length from the feet to the shoulders and from the shoulders to the bottom of the dog should be approximately the same
The right shoulder is broader, wider than the hip, creating a V-shape - the wider the V is, the more dapper and beautiful the dog will be

In addition, the limbs of the French Bull dog must also be big, strong, close to the look. On average, the French Bull can weigh from 8kg to 13kg although the height from shoulder to foot is less than 30cm. Of course, the above condition only occurs when the French Bull breed is raised with a suitable dog food and training!
If reared carelessly, giving French Bull is easily obese.
Although more muscular than other breeds, the French Bull is also listed as a high-weight but lazy-moving dog.
Therefore, right from an early age, the owner needs to train the French Bull regularly as running, jumping, pulling weights ..
complementary with proper dog food

. If not, the French Bull will eat and sleep all day - A major weakness leading to obesity.
See more:
What do bull dogs eat to stay healthy?
Obesity - 70% of French Bulls have this problem when eating inappropriate food!
Learn the ideal weight of a French Bull dog
The French Bull has an ideal weight of 8 to 14kg.
If trained regularly, combined with proper dog food nutrition, the mature French Bull will be between 28cm and 30cm.
In terms of weight, the French Bull weighs about 8kg - 13kg, while the French Bull can be slightly better, in the range of 9kg - 14kg.
Here are some weight parameters that the French Bull Breeding team can refer to:
French Bull:
3 months of age: 3.5kg - 5.5kg
6 months of age: 6.3kg - 10kg
12 months: 8kg - 12

French Bull:
3 months old: 3.9kg - 5.8kg
6 months of age: 7kg - 10.7kg
12 months: 9kg - 13.8kg
French Bull dogs are favored by many families in Vietnam.
The numbers also depend on many factors such as parent genes, body shape or feeding method. There are many cases where a dog is within the allowed weight range but is not healthy. Therefore, the owner needs to pay attention to daily activities to early recognize the signs of a dog being obese

How do you identify an obese French Bull?
The appearance of a French Bull dog is even more beautiful if the owner knows how to choose food for them.
An obese French Bull has three basic manifestations:
Breathe heavily despite very little exercise / movement: The French Bull dog itself is very active. If the dog just played for a while, the dog was gasping for breath.
Inability to groom yourself: A dog is a species that licks itself to groom itself. If obese, the French Bull can be troubled, unable to wipe their feet with their feet.
Muscles are not toned: The body of the French Bull is loose and saggy, making it difficult for the dog to walk.
Picture a French Bull dog with a healthy, toned physique.
The French Bull has one of the above signs that cannot be concluded that he is overweight because he breeds heavily breathing

. Depending on the size of the body, there are many places the dog will not reach. Don't be alarmed - owners should best consult an expert for a more accurate judgment.
How does obesity affect French Bulls?
Not only the French Bull, obesity is a dangerous disease for all races. For example, when the body becomes heavier, the dogs are very susceptible to joint diseases, knee ligaments, etc.
Because of the sedentary characteristic, French Bull dogs are very susceptible to bone and joint diseases.
Worse, there are risks of heart, lung and cancer. Not to mention skin diseases because the body is too heavy for body hygiene.
In general, obesity will cause many difficulties for the life and longevity of dogs

. It can be said that in addition to campaigning to prevent these diseases, the choice of dog food with enough nutrients is also very important.
Suggest nutritional notes to know when choosing dog food for French Bull.
Calories - Important note when buying food
Who in the dog love club does not know, the French Bull is one of the most active dog breeds in the world. Every day they need to consume quite large calories from 750kcal - 800kcal.
Bull dog.

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